Next Meeting. No. 12

18th Sept. 2018

Fellowship :  Michael Georgiou
(greeting visitors)
Reception Gerry Gerlach
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture :  John  Gray
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information: Rick Priest (tbc)

Speaker:   Phil McIntosh, Gears & Beers

Bulletin Editor






Sep 18, 25, Oct 2, D Sutton

Oct 9,16,23            J Egan

Oct 30 Nov 6, 13    P McKinnon

Nov 20, 27 Dec 4   P Murray


18th September-  Peter Crozier
25th September-  John Gray
 Market Rosters
Next Saturday Market is Saturday 13th October 2018.  Roster :
Col Duff,
Paul Murray,
Wal Paton,
Rob Pearson,
Jeremy Riethmuller,  
Nick Leywood, for Mal Robertson
James Ross,
Jonty Shuter,
Darren Wallace
Swaps needed  -  Steve McCoy (OIC), Tim Hutchings, Bob Willis
Trailers  -  4 needed
Saturday 10th November 2018 :
OIC  -  Neil Pinto
Team  -  Laurie Blowes, Geoff Breust, Greg Conkey, Frank Fuller, Peter Green, Nick Leywood, James McNaughton, Kerry Pascoe, David Pyke, Doug Sutton, David Wishart
Attendance Report
Richard Baguley
Craig Bromley
Peter Clucas
Peter Crozier
John Ferguson
Gerry Gerlach
John Gray
Phil McIntosh
Graeme Obst
Wal Paton
Robert Pearson
Neil Pinto
David Post
Andrew Puckeridge
David Pyke
Jonty Schuter
Doug Sutton
Rob Nicholson
Rotary Partners
Gina Hamilton
Club Guests:
Irene Chung.
Ann Adams. (CWA)
Rachel Whiting. (RDA)
Elliot Lee. (RDA)
Make Ups:
Michael Knight
Tim Barter
John Flynn
David Hodge
Adrian Whiting
Andrew Puckeridge
Tim McMullen
Paul Milde
Craig Bromley
Ken Taylor
Steve McCoy.
Temora Rotary meeting.
Geoff Breust
David Benn.
Gears and Beers Cmtee.
David Foster

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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Doug Sutton
September 12
Ken Taylor
September 12
Craig Bromley
September 26
John Ferguson
October 15
Spouse Birthdays
Helen Fuller
September 11
Barb Heriot
September 17
Carolyn Murray
September 23
Rachel Whiting
September 28
Cathy Pyke
October 1
October 4
Cathy Willis
October 6
Karen Walsh
October 11
Ros Breust
October 26
Judi Dunning
October 27
Phil McIntosh
Lynette McIntosh
September 9
Frank Fuller
Helen Fuller
September 21
John Flynn
October 1
Peter Clucas
October 7
Robert Nicholson
Cassandra Nicholson
October 10
Join Date
Richard Baguley
September 19, 2017
1 year
Robert Nicholson
September 23, 2014
4 years
Puck Puckeridge
October 24, 2017
1 year
David Wishart
October 27, 2015
3 years
Mark Hillis
October 28, 1994
24 years
Gerry Gerlach
October 30, 2007
11 years
John Ferguson
October 30, 2007
11 years
Kerry Pascoe
October 30, 2007
11 years
Bulletin Editor
Michael Knight
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Mark Daniel Maloney selected to be 2019-20 Rotary


Rotary announces US $96.5 million to end polioEVANSTON, Ill. (August 15, 2018) — Rotary today announced nearly $100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio, a vaccine-preventable disease that once paralyzed hundreds of


‘Gladiator’ stars reunite at End Polio Now

Presidents Report
Presidents Report 18th September 2018
Notes from last nights board meeting include
  • 2017/18 accounts are with David Pyke for consolidation purposes then to auditor for review and report in readiness for Club’s AGM on 13th November
  • Most members have a Working with children’s check ID. Balance of members have or in the process of making application.
  • Fireside meeting will be held in the near future
  • Members induction manual is being updated
  • Men’s health van will be in Wagga Wagga on the 19 & 20 November. David Byfield is coordinating volunteers and resources.
  • Rosters need to be updated to include our two newest members Phil & David
  • Vocational visits are been organised with the 1st visit to be held on the 23rd October at the Men’s shed Ashmont.
  • 12 new money boxes for $2 coins have been received and ready to be distributed to members to assist them in becoming centurions.
  •  Movie night will be organised in near future to raise funds for Polio Plus
  • Hat day is set for the 9th October. Funds raised on the day will be contributed to Australia Rotary health for mental health research
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute will be hiring about 15 marquees on 26 & 27 October.   
Representatives from various community service clubs in the City of Wagga Wagga met last Thursday to discuss “The future of Service Clubs in Wagga Wagga”. David Byfield and I attended the meeting. David Benn represented DG John at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Yvonne Braid who is a Rotarian. Discussion took place around health of service clubs which included efforts to engage younger people to encourage them to join a community service club, working together such as Gears & Beers festival, use of social media, combined web site listing all events/activities of clubs so as to avoid clashes. The clubs represented were Rotary, Rotaract, Apex, and Lions. The outcome of the meeting was to form a working party to progress the matter. If any member(s) have a passion to join the working party please let me know.    
President’s meeting was held last Thursday following the joint club meeting. DG John has requested that more stories be sent to him for inclusion in the District Newsletter. Dates mentioned are 29 & 30 October presentation to 4 clubs on “End of Trachoma by 2020” by PDG Michael Milston, 16 to 18 November RYPEN, 18 November presidents forum, 19 January RYLA, 2 & 3 March PETS, & 29 to 31 March District conference at Griffith. Drought relief was discussed.
This week is Rural Anti Crime
All invited to Community fun afternoon on Sunday 23rd September from 1pm to 3.30pm in the Victory Memorial gardens organised by WWCC.      
Enjoy your day in service of the community above self
Presidents Report
President’s Report 11th September 2018
This week is designated as Foster Care week acknowledging and recognising people who participate in this important social programme.
Roadside Youth Drivers Awareness (RYDA) meeting will be held at Commercial Club on Tuesday 2nd October at 5.15pm. Information has been passed along to appropriate club committee.
Reminder – The Forrest Centre is holding a movie night this Thursday at 7pm at forum 6. Funds raised goes towards the TFC new hospice.
Rotary Foundation raised $414M in 2017. This means more clean water, less disease, and hope for a peaceful world.
Community Fun afternoon for drought affected people on Sunday 23rd September in Victory Memorial Gardens organised by WWCC.
Gear & Beers roster – all members are needed to assist on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September.
National Drought Relief Coordinator Major General Stephen Day will be meeting with charitable organisations on Thursday 13th September in Brisbane. The organisations invited include Drought Angels, Aussie Helpers, Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross, and Country Women’s Association of NSW.
NSW State Drought relief coordinator is Pip Job.
Enjoy your day
Week 11 Meeting - 11 September
The call for Rotary Grace was addressed to all in attendance, and the response was in various musical keys and tempos. By the second line, we had sorted out the discord, and achieved vague harmony with the tune. 
President James struggled to control the meeting, and the bell required striking even more vigorously on three occasions.
There were to be two guest speakers, so fellowship time would be restricted  to fit the program. Guests were welcomed - Gina and Irene, those who had been away welcomed back.
Nick Leywood was back from New Zealand, where he had "given away" his daughter in the ceremony of marriage. Did Nick enter into a contract to stipulate that any issue of this union were to be eligible to play for the Wallabies?
The Luftwagga and their ground support squadron had been away for a week in the red centre of Australia. They came back with a casualty, with Wal Paton developing health issues in Longreach, and being admitted to hospital, transferred to Intensive Care in Rockhampton, and at last contact, sounding chirpy.
Geoff Breust reported that he and David Benn had visited Temora Rotary Club to discuss Drought relief strategy, share ideas on distribution of assistance, and there was still time left over for David to raise spirits by reciting some poetry. 
Greg Conkey has returned from Kansas, more specifically Leavenworth, and attended a Rotary meeting, as you do. There was an exchange of Rotary Banners, and the American one graciously accepted by President James. Greg thanked the ratepayers of Wagga Wagga, who collectively would expect that he returned with more than the banner. 
Greg also told us about the family day on Sept 23, a concert  at the Victory Memorial Gardens, sponsored by WWCC, and where a bucket will be passed around for drought relief, and contributions going to NSW Farmers.
Secretary's Report
Reminders -
Dates for the Diary :
Wednesday 12th September  -  Committee Chair reports to Directors
Thursday 13th September  -  "Christopher Robin" Movie Night for The Forrest Centre Hospice, 7:00pm.
Saturday 15th September  -  The Forrest Centre Hospice Opening, 10:30am  Lewisham Ave.
Sunday 16th September  -  Exchange Student activities roster -  Graham Burmeister
Monday 17th September  -  Board meeting, Commercial Club, 5:30pm
Tuesday 18th September  -  Gears & Beers Committee meeting, Commins Hendriks, 5:30pm
Tuesday 18th  to Thursday 20th September  -  Henty Machinery Field Days
Sunday 23rd September  -  Council Drought Concert, Victory Memorial Gardens, 1:00-4:30pm
Monday 24th September  -  next Rotaract meeting, venue in town tba, 6:00 for 6:30pm
Sunday 30th September -  Gears & Beers Festival
Responsibilities  -  please,
-  put your name on the Roster for the Gears & Beers Festival if you haven't already, 
-  find a replacement if you cannot fulfil a rostered duty,
register an Apology by 4pm on Monday if you are going to be absent from the next meeting, and
register a Make-up for a meeting absence whenever you can.
The CWA involvement.
Rick Priest was called upon to introduce Ann Adams as a speaker at the meeting. Ann is the Riverina Group President of the CWA, and also the State Secretary. Ann has been a member of CWA for 53 years, and simple arithmetic indicates that she joined the association in 1965.
A bit of trivia to get things started - the first Riverina Group President of the CWA was a lady called Dorothy Hammond, and her contribution to the cause is recognised by having Hammond Avenue named in her honour. There is a cairn among the plane trees near Nixons Engineering, east of Wagga Wagga explaining the connection.
Ann spoke of the CWA organisation, its work, its history and structure. It operates a disaster relief fund, separate from administrative functions, and can receive donations and issue receipts for Tax deductible contributions. This fund  provides help to families affected by fire, flood and drought.
In the current drought event, the CWA branches in NSW got things rolling with $100 00 of their own money, NSW portion of a Dick Smith contribution amounted to $300 000, and Red Cross provided help as well. Over a million dollars has already been distributed and 600 families have received a contribution. The targeted areas to be subsidised are Utility, Medical and Pharmacy, School and Excursion expenses, but help for households is the key. 
This operation has become so onerous for volunteers to administer, that CWA has employed staff member to help, but the salary of the employee is paid by the CWA admin - not from the Disaster Funds.
More Trivia - Ann seemed to know plenty too keep us entertained. The CWA was started in 1922, by a man - a journalist on a rural newspaper. Then a doctor got involved, and the ladies followed. Even more trivia, it's a fact that the CWA offers accommodation in only two NSW locations - Bermagui and Wagga Wagga. Another option for Gears and Beers Cyclists!!!!!!!!
Rachel Whiting
Rachel Whiting
is Adrian's wife.
She has a more important job as CEO and Director of Regional Development Australia. This committee was established under the Federal Department of Regional Development and Infrastructure, to provide Statistics, Resources, Economic Impact Analysis and Assistance to Government, Business and Community in the Riverina.
As funds become harder to source from government, more of the activities undertaken will require a contribution from the community.
A part of the work involves Economic and Tourist impact analysis, and this is the role that Rachel's group will examine for the Gears and Beers festival. Students from The Riverina Anglican College, organised by Peter Green will conduct a survey, with a minimum of 500 responses to provide the data for the study. This will be based on Tablet or Phone devices, inputting responses from the crowd at Gears and Beers.
The results of the Survey will indicate the total economic value of our festival to the City of Wagga Wagga, and the wider Riverina region. Any future approaches to regional or state tourist funding bodies will be bolstered by accurate and convincing data supporting our submissions.
The format of the survey is reproduced below, and should take less than 30 seconds to complete.
Saturday Market 
Last Saturday was officially the Launch of Wollundry Rotary's Saturday Markets, but this momentous occasion was primarily one for marketing to stallholders - there was no ceremony, it did not rate a mention on the day.
New colourful banners, corflutes, entry signs and teardrops were the main indications that change was about, and a bright sunny day provided a brilliant backdrop for all the finery.
The procedures and training for operating the market are well documented, and with a solid core of experienced team members, the set up was achieved well before the coffee vendor arrived on site. All of the available Rotary Marquees were assembled, and three of the WWCC tents were also pressed into service.
The team on the day consisted of:
OIC Michael Knight,Tim Barter, John Flynn, David Hodge, Adrian Whiting, Andrew Puckeridge, Tim McMullen, Paul Milde, Ken Taylor, Craig Bromley, Steve McCoy.
The Financials are:
Stalls. 33 @ $55$1815.00
Insurance.  3 @ $5$15.00
Power . 4 @ $5$20.00
Less Musician-$150.00
Bar-B Que Net Profit$473.00
Gate Collection$647.00
Total Banked.   $2820
The Fijian Dollar was rejected by the bank!!!!!!!
The Pinto Travels.
Neil and Nola keep reporting on their journey, and they caught up with Brent Pickard and his wife, Jan.  There was a temptation to crop this photo tight around the Head and Shoulders, but the background was the real feature, so you get it all.
Frank Fuller and John Flynn had both come prepared for the role today, and Frank graciously withdrew, leaving John to entertain the troops.
He told us that at her last start, a punter had outlaid $145 000 on Winx, to win $28 000. Another recent bet was on Roger Federer to beat John Millman in the US open tennis. The stake was $35 000, to win $700 - very short odds. The bookie was the happiest participant!!!!
The sergeant reckoned that septicaemia was caused by fear, and flying with Smithy was to blame. Cheap shot.
A dam across Tatton Creek could be a target for a Dambusting Luftwagga, and Greg Conkey was singled out for attention.
Gears and Beers
Coolamon Rotary are very supportive, and man many of the checkpoints on the longer rides for Gears and Beers. They have indicated that there will be some "heavy" agricultural equipment alongside the road to show visiting cyclists from the "smoke" how things are done in the bush. 
This 150 tonne grain mother bin is made in Coolamon, and may feature along the route of the rides that go that far. 
Market Photos