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No.27 16th Jan-2018

Fellowship (greeting visitors, giving out name badges): John Mason

Reception (sits with Treasurer):Steve McCoy

Furniture (set up and put away items for the meeting): Phil McIntosh

Rotary Information: None today - Fellowship.

Speaker: Fellowship or Hillis Day and Paul has a couple of issues to discuss


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Next Sprout and About Market is Saturday 13th February 2018.
OIC Colin Duff
Frank Fuller, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter Mackinnon, Steve McCoy, Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Wal Paton, Jeremy Reithmuller.
Jan 30, 2018
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Feb 13, 2018
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GUESTS: Renae Elrington, Craig Couzens, James Mc Tavish, Ward Garten, Phil Hoey

APOLOGIES:  John Ferguson, John Flynn, Darren Wallace, Frank Fuller, Peter Green, Tim McMullen, Craig Bromley, Rob Pearson, Pat Ingram, John Gray, Graeme Obst, Neil Pinto, Steve McCoy, Greg O'Hare, John Mason

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Cheers,    Paul
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Paul Murray
Guest Speaker James McTavish
Pres. Paul, Guest Speaker James McTavish, guest Craig Couzens and Rick Priest
Rick Priest introduced our  Guest Speaker, James McTavish, a former Wollundry Rotarian and currently NSW Cross Border Commissioner.
James said it was good to be back at Wollundry and he acknowledged the work that Wollundry does for the community … the AED's, the rising of awareness of Domestic Violence in the community. James began to outline what his position as “Cross Border Commisioner” involved, using examples  of people in Wagga selling manufactured products in Victoria.  Another example is a P plate driver from NSW driving in Melbourne or the introduction of Euthanasia legislation in Victoria .
His predecessor in the job identified 1200 different cross border issues and James feels that there are a lot more. 
One of the major problems James is confronted with is that he is the only Cross border Commissioner in Australia as the other states have not recognised the need for such a position.  There is now an new awareness from government of the importance of the regional areas and James feels that the upcoming state election in 2019 will be won not in Eastern Sydney but in the regional NSW.
He felt it was very important that transparency be part of the position that he holds and he announced that the overall cost of the Cross border Commissioner’s position is $430,000 dollars.  That amount includes his wage, another staff member's wage, office and travel expenses. James says that he has to choose achievable issues.  James has frequent meetings with high government officials. 
One of the key issues that James is dealing with is the establishment of equity between regional areas and urban communities.  An example would be if you live in Deniliquin and need cardiac care, you should be able to get it in Victoria. 
There is starting to be better communication between NSW and Victoria re cross border issues.  A Domestic Violence Order is now enforceable across the states.
James recommended for further information, resource his website.  There were many questions from the members. 
Paul Milde thanked James for his informative talk and confirmed that “we all now know what a Cross Border Commisioner is.”
Presidents Report Jan 9th 
Welcome to 2018! Another meeting utilising the hour to the fullest. Did you know we have a Commissioner for Cross Borders. 
After our guest speaker today we certainly know one does exist. It was great to catch up with James McTavish today. The AEDs presented to Phil Hoey and Legacy today will add safety to our community. Congratulations to Ken Cook and David Pyke in becoming Grandfathers. The next six months are going to be busy for the Club and the Food & Wine Festival is not far away. Saturday 24th March 2018. Don't forget our 40th Birthday Dinner is on Tuesday 27th February 2018.
 Thank you for your support. Have a great week!
Secretaries Report Jan 9th
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if any of your rostered duties can not be fulfilled.
Next Sprout & About Market Roster: 10th February 2018.
OIC Colin Duff
Frank Fuller, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter Mackinnon, Steve McCoy, Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Wal Paton, Jeremy Reithmuller.
Board Meeting - next Monday 15th Jan. 5.30 pm at the Commercial Club 
Next meeting Food and Wine following the Christmas New Year break will be held on Wednesday 17/1 and every Wednesday thereafter to 21/3 2018 at 5.30 pm at the Commercial Club.

27/02/18 – 40-year Club Anniversary Dinner. Keep an eye and ear out for further details of arrangements.
Christmas card and letter read from Sally Tanner to all Wollundry members with  a big thankyou for the our CSU Scholarship awarded to her. She has now graduated and gave an update of where she is up to and future plans.
Please register a makeup whenever you can or after attending committee meetings or some other activity when representing Wollundry.
Our Meeting Jan 9th

AED Presented to Phil Hoey

Phil McIntosh come to the podium and did not introduce Phil Hoey , noting that his close association with Wollundry Rotary  through his Paramedic training of our members and support of the Gears and Beers and Food and Wine Festivals precluded any need for an introduction.  Phil MCIntosh of behalf of the club  presented  Phil with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to assist him in his AED training in the correct use of the defibrillator.  Up until now Phil was at a significant handicap in not having a unit set aside specifically for his training use.   Now he has one.  

Wollundry’s involvement in the Defib For Life Wagga initiative resulted in a partnership aiming to raise general public awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the importance of defibrillators, how simple and easy they are to use, and increase the number of defibrillators in the Wagga Wagga community.

AED Presented to Legacy

President Paul presented a second AED to the Wagga Wagga Legacy organisation.  Wollundry member and Legacy Treasurer Jim Gibson accepted the AED on behalf of Legacy.  

Yarri Signatures

John Egan came to the podium and talked about Yarri and Jacky Jacky,both Aboriginals who saved many people during the Gundagai flood.  There is a committee in Gundagai who are trying to establish posthumous awards to both heros.  They have started a petition and have a facebook page called Yarri , an Australian hero and they are asking people to sign the petition.  They  have three and a half thousand signatures and they need to have six thousand signatures.

Sergeant at Arms  -  Laurie Blowes

Rick Priest carried the box.

Gerry Gerlach was fined for mixing up the letters of the AED with IUD’s.

John Smith was fined for wearing a fairly pink shirt.

Pikey was fined for having a new Grand-child and Laurie said wait until you have “22 of them”. David and Di Wishart for making the trek to North Wagga.

Peter Clucas was fined for his large and very colourful newspaper article, while the North Wagga news article was in black and white and relatively small.

Laurie looked up blue-green algie in Google and found a great variety of health products made from it. 

Anyone involved in Rotary cricket had to throw in some money.

Update on Geoff Hamilton
This is a great photo of Geoff Hamilton and his brother Tony on Wednesday Jan 3rd... the day Tony was the stem cell donor for the transplant procedure.  Geoff tagged this photo "Blood Brothers".
The extract below is taken from Geoffs Blog on the day of the procedure.

For him (Tony) the process was straight forward – one line in each arm and then an extraction of red blood cells, plasma and the all important ‘Tequila” coloured stem cells.  The red blood cells and plasma were returned to him once the stem cells had been removed.

Early on the in the process the medical team took a blood sample to check on the saturation of the stem cells in the retained fluid.  This gave them an indication that in the five hours of the process they would obtain sufficient blood cells for my transplant.

The aim was to collect 5,000,000 stem cells per kilo of my body weight.  To do this they have to cycle almost three times his total blood capacity of about 5 litres through the machine.

....Then followed a long waiting game.  Tony was taken off the aphoresis machine after just over 5 hours.  We had to wait a further two hours before the stem cell tests were completed.
And when the news came in it was all good – Tony had produced 20% more stem cells than I needed (he always was an overachiever).  This allowed the team to take off a sixth for freezing and further use if required.


Defibrillator Training Video
Click on the video below for Defibrillator training.
Meeting Photos Jan 9th 2018