Next Meeting. No. 36

26th March 2019

Fellowship :  James McNaughton
(greeting visitors)
Reception Paul Milde
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture :  Paul Murray
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information:
Rick Priest

Speaker:  Presentation by exchange student Irene


Bulletin Editor






Mar 26, Apr 2       M Knight

Apr 9, 16, 23         P. Murray      

Apr 30, May7, 14   D. Sutton 


26th March  -  Frank Fuller
2nd April  -  John Flynn
9th April  -  Peter Clucas
16th April  -  Peter Crozier
23rd April  -  John Gray
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap
April 13th 2019

OIC Col Duff. Frank Fuller, Stuart Herriot, Mark Hillis, Geoff Breust (for Pat Ingram), Steve McCoy, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Graham Obst, Wall Paton, David Post, Jeremy Reithmuller.


May 11th 2019

OIC Doug Sutton. David Benn, Phil Burgess, David Byfield, Peter Mackinnon, Tim McMullen, Kerry Pascoe, Rob Pearson, Neil Pinto, Mal Robertson, Jonty Shuter, Adrian Whiting, Bob Willis


June 8th 2019

OIC John Flynn. Craig Bromley, Shane Carroll, Ken Cook, John Ferguson, John Hawkins, John Ireland, Michael Knight, John Mason, Paul Milde, Rob Nicholson, Rick Priest, Jeremy Reithmuller, Ken Taylor

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
John Ireland
March 6
Kerry Pascoe
March 17
Pat Ingram
March 20
Robert Pearson
March 20
Raoul Mascarenhas
March 23
Robert Nicholson
March 27
John Egan
April 3
Peter Mackinnon
April 5
Ward Gaiter
April 5
Graeme Obst
April 6
Rick Priest
April 17
Gerry Gerlach
April 20
Spouse Birthdays
March 1
March 2
March 3
Kerry Mason
March 17
March 31
Cherie Benn
April 1
Sally Puckeridge
April 7
April 17
Annita Booth
April 19
April 19
Danielle Goss
April 20
Sandra Legg
April 30
Mark Hillis
Chrissie Hillis
March 1
James Hamilton
March 3
Bob Willis
Cathy Willis
March 4
John Gray
March 6
John Hawkins
March 14
Col Duff
Jenni Duff
March 25
Jeremy Riethmuller
Jenni Riethmuller
April 4
Peter Crozier
April 4
Doug Conkey
April 7
Nicholas Leywood
April 18
Tim Hutchings
Di Hutchings
April 19
David Hodge
April 20
Join Date
Paul Murray
March 1, 1995
24 years
Phil McIntosh
March 7, 2006
13 years
Stephen McCoy
March 7, 2006
13 years
Nicholas Leywood
March 8, 2011
8 years
Richard Rossiter
March 17, 2015
4 years
Robert Pearson
March 23, 2010
9 years
Col Duff
April 1, 1992
27 years
Neil Pinto
April 1, 2000
19 years
Peter Crozier
April 1, 1980
39 years
Rick Priest
April 1, 1988
31 years
David Hodge
April 2, 2002
17 years
David Foster
April 3, 2007
12 years
Wal Paton
April 3, 2012
7 years
Malcolm Robertson
April 12, 2011
8 years
Bulletin Editor
Peter Mackinnon
Club Guests:
None this Week.
Our Partners:
None this Week
None this Week
Make Ups:
None this week
Jeremy Reithmuller
Greg Conkey
Craig Bromley
Peter Crozier
John Ferguson
Ward Gaiter
Tim Hutchings
Peter Mackinnon
John Mason
Phil McIntosh
Tim McMullen
Graeme Obst.
Robert Pearson
Neil Pinto
Malcolm Robertson
Steve McCoy
Jonty Schuter
Graham Burmeister
Presidents Report

President’s Report 19th March 2019
I thank Paul Milde for chairing the past two club meetings during my absence.
The following aspects emanated for the Board meeting held last night:
  1. Members are strongly encouraged to report make up’s for attendance purposes.
  2. Members are encouraged to check your attendance record in Club Runner. If you do not have access the club runner, please contact Paul Murray for assistance.
  3. Members are obliged to fulfil their turn on Fellowship, Reception and Furniture duties. If you are unable to attend on the day you are rostered, please arrange a swap.
  4. Youth exchange student roster for members - Each member has been allotted a week period in which the member is required to entertain Irene at least once during the allotted week. Members who are not rostered may wish to entertain Irene if you are travelling or doing some activity. When you make arrangements with Irene for outings, please inform the host family of the arrangement.        
  5. The board approved of a payment of $1,000 funded from approved Youth budget to Clare Lawlor member of CSU Rotoract to assist her in meeting costs to attend RI Convention in Hamburg Germany in June 2019. Clare is funding two thirds of the cost of attending RI convention herself. All board members were fully supportive of the financial support as Clare has a high potential too excel in various personal attributes especially in leadership, communications and organisational abilities.
March is Rotary month for Water and Sanitation.
Did you know that the total volume of water on Earth is estimated at 1.386 billion cubic kilometres. That 97.5% of the known water is salt water – leaving only 2.5% as fresh water and that only 0.3% of that fresh water is in liquid form on the earth's surface. That two thirds of the world’s population live in areas that experience water scarcity for at least one month a year. There is a desperate need throughout the world (especially in developing countries) for clean, potable water. With Howard Mendel professional background and his membership of Rotary, he conceived a solution to this problem. He developed, a prototype pump & filter system that can treat contaminated water making it potable. The system can be either hand operated or solar powered and is easily maintained by persons with limited, or no technical abilities in this area. These characteristics are vital to operations in developing countries.
 Food & Wine festival is happening this coming weekend. All members are required to assist in setting up, actual festival tasks and pulling down. The festival is a major community activity for the benefit of the community and a major fund raiser for the club.
The club extends its condolences and sympathy to Darren & Kathy Wallace on the passing of Darren’s dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with Darren and Kathy and family members at this time.
May peace be with you as you serve the community.
Secretary's report
Secretary  James Ross
Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 36  -  19th March 2019
Next Week’s Meeting  No. 37  -  26th March 2019
Fellowship (Greetings) :                James McNaughton
Reception (Asst. Treas.) :              Paul Milde
Furniture :                                        Paul Murray
Bulletin Editor :                               Michael Knight
Sergeant :                                          Frank Fuller
Rotary Information :                       Rick Priest (tbc)
Guest Speaker :                                Presentation by exchange student Irene
Members Birthdays :                      Pat Ingram (20/03), Rob Pearson (20/03)
Spouse/Partners Birthdays :        none this week
Wedding Anniversaries :               Jenny & Colin Duff (19 years on 25/03)
Club Anniversaries :                       Rob Pearson (9 years on 23/03)
Exchange Student activities Roster :         James McNaughton from Sunday 24th March
                                                                           Graeme Obst              31st March
Food & Wine Festival :                 Saturday 23rd March, Victory Memorial Gardens, 3pm
Next Rotaract meeting :               Monday 25th March, Sportsman’s Hotel, 6:30pm
RYDA :                                             Wednesday 27th March, Showgrounds
Dist. 9700 Conference :                Friday 29th to Sunday 31st March in Griffith
Rotary International Convention :             1st to 5th June in Hamburg, Germany
Responsibilities:       Please,
-  Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled
-  Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting
-  Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Free Tickets to RCM Concerts:
In appreciation of our support to the Riverina Conservatorium of Music Scholarship Program the following complimentary tickets are available from Secretary James :
-  Friday 5th April  -  Emma Pask in concert at Riverina Payhouse, 7:30pm (2 VIP passes)
-  Sunday 4th August  -  ‘Europeans in America’ at RCM, 3pm (2 VIP tickets)
-  Sunday 3rd November  -  ‘French Fancy’ at RCM, 3pm (2 VIP tickets)
-  Sunday 24th November  -  Shanul Sharma in concert at St. John’s Anglican Church, 3pm (2 VIP passes)
Our Meeting 19th March 2019
President James was back in the chair and thanked Paul Milde for filling in for him.
He called on David Byfield who announced that the Club had given some $5600 to organisations the area. 
$600 went to South Wagga Rotary to help support children in need get to Circus Quirkus,
The Eisteddfod society was granted $2000,
and The Wig Hire group were given $2000 to help them display their wigs which are used for women suffering the effects of Chemo.
The Club also gave Clair Lawler $1000 from the Youth budget to help her in a bid to go to the World Conference in Hamburg. These were passed with little or no comment.
Irene gave an account of her trip to Boggy Creek at Tumbarumba. It was a great day out and she spent time with Eugene and Arthur, another of our previous exchange students. If you haven't
been there , it's worth the trip .
Irene will be talking to the Club next Tuesday. This will be a PARTNERS DAY
Be sure to let John Mason know if you and your partner will be there.
Irene has a new Host family, Erika Crevatin 0415 439 875.
Be sure to let Eva know of any of your plans for Irene.

John Gray was Sergeant today and managed to lever some funds from most. Richard Baguely nearly sold his house, Phil Burgess for receiving a brown pair bag at Boggy Creek. (He insists it was his lunch) Gerry Gerlach for selling the Conference so well that he wasn't attending, Neil Pinto was upbraided for not providing any competition in the cricket, Richard Rossiter had the hide to turn up today not in a suit, Ken Taylor for a poor choice in a foster home for is rooster, and of course the Mayor for making a beeline to the top table!
PP Rick Priest gave us a thorough review of the University Science Challenge which was held last week. Our club provided tables and trestles, under the instruction of PP Frank Fuller. The challenges are really interesting, from using as little as possible piping and wiring in exercises designed to mirror water and electricity reticulation to the design and building of bridges from balsa wood which can support up to 4 kgs  of moving sleds. Other challenges included the use of fibre optics, and even making a bionic hand.
The University of Newcastle runs this challenge and uses it to inspire scientific and engineering desires in young Yr10 and Tr 11 students.
Stuart Herriot took the podium to explain the economics of agriculture in the Common Market, and how to get the most from the system. He decided to not rear pigs so he could be paid accordingly!!!
Andrew Puckeridge reported on the Busking Competition . He was very pleased with the results and has assured us it will be on next year.
The  joint winners were Bella Ingram and Belee Kadmon-Jones in the 14  to 18 yrs, Ivy Simpson won first prize in10 to 14yrs with Ben Gillard runner up, and Anan Jie won first prize  in Under 10 with Chenxi Zhu a close second.
The really big business of the day of course the Food and Wine Festival, proudly presented by Wollundry.
OIC  David gave us a very complete run down on what was about to happen, and David Byfield has sent out the Rosters with times that we should be there.The main set up is Friday from 8am, so if you have selected any of the "assembly" tasks you are asked to be there, yellow shirts, hats, gloves and boots! No thongs! 
Minor adjustments and clarifications were made but in general the whole thing seems to have been well thought out and should run very smoothly.
      Notes for Food & Wine Festival Tuesday 19 March 2019
  • Set up is Friday 8am. If you are unsure check the roster. I will read out the members who are rostered at 8am on Friday.
  • We will need a number of vehicles to two trailers on Friday. That will allocated at the time.
  • Best to wear a hat, gloves and boots. No thongs.  Yellow shirts on Friday. 
  • Festival pink shirts to be worn on Saturday 
  • Roster will be emailed to you 
  • Every person entering Festival must have a wrist band
  • Pick up Wrist bands at mates Gully Café across road on Friday afternoon between 5 and 6.30pm or Saturday again at Mates Gully
  • Take away Coffee can be ordered on Wollundry Account at Mates Gully. Only available on Friday and up to Festival start at 3pm Saturday to Rotarians and no other volunteers or partners. An account has been set up at Mates Gully.
  • Mates Gully toilets are not available to Rotary personnel. Only to Rotary members who are working at Mates Gully
  • I need six volunteers to stand in for Security from about 2pm on Friday until 8pm. The security starts at 8pm. This is just to ensure people do not damage property. Mainly watching Sponsor tent and stage area
  • 2 pm to 4pm       Andrew Puckeridge James McNaughton
  • 4pm to 6pm        David Benn           Jerry Gerlach
  • 6pm to 8pm        Neil Pinto              David Foster
  • Would everyone please make sure they are at the allocated site 10 minutes before their start time
  • If you see anything untoward at the Festival ring me and alert security staff.
  • If you identify anyone in Festival without wrist band alert Security
  • RSA policy must treated strictly. Those with RSA know the rules. We are using the liquor licence under Tim McMullen’s name so that must be protected to a high degree
  • The persons in charge of specific duties are 
    • Peter MacKinnon operations 0417 682 369
    • Colin Duff Electrical 0418 693 322
    • Jeremy Reithmuller Wineries 0421 354 747
    • Michael Knight Foodies 0412 376 570
    • John Smith Yenda and beer 0408 692 929
    • Pat Ingram Sponsor tent 0421 174 898
    • Geoff Breust gates and cash 0417 698 336
    • Paul Milde Administration 0424 645 888
    • Doug Conkey. Cash collection 0400 909 992
    • Frank Fuller. Cash collection 0438 312 848
    • Tim McMullen 0404 084 657
    • General dogs body me 0429 694 697
  • Make sure you have my phone number
  • Read out list of volunteers
Thanks Pykie
Best dressed golfers!!!!!
Wollundry Photos
Irene and Alea at the Canberra Zoo