Next Week's Meeting

No.19- 7th Nov - '17

Fellowship: Doug Conkey

Reception: Greg Conkey

Furniture: Peter Crozier

Rotary Information: Ken Cook

Speaker: Melbourne Cup Day.



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Nov 7, 14, 21    John Egan

Nov 28, Dec 5, 12  P MacKinnon

Dec 19, Jan 9, 16 Michael Knight

Jan 23, Feb 6, 13 Paul Murray

Feb 20, 27,Mar 6 Doug Sutton




Mark Hillis - 31st Oct.(Vocational Visit)
Geoff Breust - 7th Nov.
David Pyke -  14th Nov.
Laurie Blowes - 21st Nov.
John Gray 28th Nov.
John Flynn - 05th Dec.
Peter Crozier - 12th Dec
Peter Clucas19 Dec
 Market Rosters
11 Nov 2017
OIC Michael Knight (The Boss has confirmed)
David Benn (confirmed)
David Byfield (Confirmed)
Ken Cook (TBA)
John Ferguson (Confirmed)
John Ireland (TBA)
Tim Barter (Confirmed)
Phil McIntosh (Confirmed)
Rob Nicholson (Confirmed)
Greg O'Hare (Confirmed)
Rick Priest (Confirmed)
Ken Taylor (TBA)
OIC Craig Bromley
Doug Conkey
Peter Crozier
Travis Downie
John Egan
John Flynn
Michael Georgiou
Jim Gibson
John Hawkins
Peter MacKinnon
John Mason
Paul Milde
Oct 31, 2017
Riverina Water New Plant
Nov 07, 2017
Nov 14, 2017
New Board Elections
Nov 21, 2017
Members Presentations
Nov 28, 2017
My Career and Aboriginal Engagement.
Dec 05, 2017
Rural Counsellor. Riverina Blue Bell.
Dec 12, 2017
Corowa Whisky & Junee Liquorice.
Dec 19, 2017
Christmas Message 2017
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Jim Gibson
November 2
Ken Cook
November 9
James Hamilton
November 20
Paul Murray
November 22
Neil Pinto
November 23
Bob Willis
December 1
Graham Burmeister
December 1
John Mason
December 8
Jonty Shuter
December 29
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Jenni Riethmuller
November 15
November 19
Helen Paton
November 22
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November 23
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November 24
November 29
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November 30
December 6
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November 5
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November 11
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November 14
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November 14
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November 15
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November 15
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November 25
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November 28
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November 28
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December 5
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December 7
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December 27
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December 30
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James Hamilton
November 1, 1990
27 years
John Flynn
November 1, 1993
24 years
Jeremy Riethmuller
November 5, 2013
4 years
Tim Barter
November 9, 2010
7 years
Daniel Burns
November 19, 2015
2 years
John Ireland
November 20, 1984
33 years
Greg Conkey OAM
December 13, 1993
24 years
Peter Clucas
December 14, 1999
18 years
Peter Green
December 16, 2014
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Travis Downie
December 16, 2014
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David Pyke
December 18, 2012
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Jim Gibson
December 24, 2002
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Wagga Clubs

South Wagga
Pres: Milena Dunn
meets:Wagga RSL Club
Mondays at 6:15 PM
Wagga CSU Rotaract
Pres:Clare Lawlor
Meets: CSU  Campus
Every 2nd Wed at 6:15pm
Wagga Wagga
Pres:Elaine Almond
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Kooringal
Pres: Rodney Francis
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Murrumbidgee
Pres: George Chapman
Meets: The Mantra Pavilion
Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Wagga Sunrise
Pres: Deidre Tome
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Meeting 7.30am
Geoff is "Going with the Flow"  in the HITH (Hospital in the Home) program,  allowed  at times to go home, to his Docklands address. 
Jan has taught him knitting, and to pass the time he is making a beanie. 
You can share and support Geoff Hamilton at his Blog:
You can leave comments at this site.
Bulletin Editor
Doug Sutton
Presidents Report Oct 31st 
Today was our first vocational visit for 2017-18. We all now know where our money goes at Riverina Water. A very interesting tour and what a major project it is for Wagga. The process in preparing and delivering our water supply was one big eye opener for us all. Thank you to Greg and Chris at Riverina Water for guiding us around their major project. Also thank you to John Smith for arranging the visit. Thank you Wal Paton for cooking our lunch. Thank you Rick Priest for the PA.
Wollundry Rotary was well represented at the photo shoot for the Domestic Violence Awareness Project. 
The date of Food & Wine is 24th March 2018. Pencil the date in your diary!
Don't forget Men's Health Education Rural Van is coming to Wagga on 14th & 15th November from District 9670. John Egan is looking for members to man the van on those two special days. More details to come.
Next week's meeting is Melbourne Cup Day so don't forget the sweeps on offer. We also have a special guest speaker!
Thank you for your support. Have a great week!
Secretary's Report 31st Oct
Next Sprout & About Market Roster: for 11th November.
OIC Michael Knight - Big Boss
Confirmed Starters = David Benn David Byfield John Ferguson
Tim Barter Phil McIntosh Rob Nicholson Greg O'Hare Rick Priest
To be confirmed - Ken Cook , John Ireland, Ken Taylor
 Please advise Michael and the Secretary, of your availability or replacement.
Thank you to those members registering your make-ups. 
Remember if you cannot make our regular meeting there are five other Clubs in WW plus an e-Club.
Please remember you can register a makeup with James or the Secretary after attending committee meetings or some other activity when representing Wollundry.
Next Food and Wine Committee meeting is Wednesday 8/11 5.30pm at the Commercial Club.
November 21st Programme will be a Poets Day. Please see me if you are interested in presenting your favourite poem, piece of prose or some other short literary extract. We have 20 minutes to fill so first in best dressed. Your recital should be limited to four (4) minutes therefore will have room for five (5) performers.
So far we have David Pyke, Rick Priest, Malcolm Robertson, Paul Milde. We need another couple. The Secretary can fill in if required.
This Monday 31st October 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the last Light Horse charge at Beersheba.
Spare a thought for our brave men who did this Country proud. My Grandfather Roy James Dunk was one of them.
Our Meeting October 31st
Vocational Visit to Riverina Water
Today's meeting was held on the site of Riverina Water, Hammond Avenue.
We all gathered at the site at 12.30 pm and tours were conducted in two groups. The first group had a barbecue lunch and headed off for a tour following a quite detailed and sober induction concerning safety on site. All members were required to wear hi-viz vests and hard hats.
Off we go lead by a very knowledgeable engineer.
Above is the new raw water intake site on the banks of the Murrumbidgee. We were told that currently 80% of Wagga's water come from bores into the underlying acquifer and 20% from the river. This is a sustainable drain on the acquifer for the current population, however forecast population growth will require a greater draw from the river and hence the need for a new raw water intake plant. The acquifer is recharged from the river during times of flood and gradually diminishes during dry times.
Members look down on the new raw water intake plant on the banks of the River while listening to the information provided by our tour guide.
Standing on top of the new water treatment and filtration plant. This plant and the raw water intake plant are currently being completed at a cost of  $40 million.
The filtration system consists of a number of large tanks, each with an agitator to ensure the settling agents adhere to particles in the water. The flocculator filters are cleverly designed to give a large surface area within a confined space to allow for particles to be filtered from the water.
A system of sludge removal and cleaning flows maintain the filtration system.
Chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride are added to the treated water which is then pumped from the treatment plant up into the water supply tanks on Willans Hill.
The new plant is designed to provide clean fresh water to Wagga in a sustainable way until 2040.
Visitors, Guests and Apologies 
Joe Knight
Graham Burmeister, John Egan, Gerry Gerlach, Jim Gibson, Mark Hillis, David Hodge, John Ireland, Peter MacKinnon, John Mason, Stephen McCoy, Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Robert Pearson, Jeremy Reithmuller, Malcolm Robertson, Jonty Shuter, Darren Wallace, Bob Willis, Pat Ingram.
No list of apologies was available at time of press.
Men's Health
John Egan wants 6 volunteers to assist with managing the MHERV van which will be stationed at Bunnings on 14th and 15th November.
He is also looking for a couple of volunteers to go to Narrandera to collect the van and put it at Bunnings. The idea of the van is to encourage men to come in for a blood and urine test which will give some basic indicators that might require referral to their GP.
Again we have embedded videos, which your email program may not be able to display.  To ensure that you see everything in the bulletin, I would advise all members to read the bulletin online.  To read the bulletin online, just click on the sentence that appears above the bulletin banner.  The link that starts with the question... "Having trouble viewing this email.?.." and then it gives you the online link..."click here to view online" .  Click on that link, above the banner, and you will see the best possible version of the bulletin.   
Cheers,    Paul
District Technology Training Nov 12th
Click on the video below about DisTec Training
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Defibrillator Training Video
Click on the video below for Defibrillator training.
Photos from Oct 31st Meeting
Food and fellowship before the tour
Wal back doing a great job. Richard is ready to go.
Croz getting his lunch with Laurie Blowes and Richard Rossiter giving their thoughts in the background.
David Benn and David Wishart at the security briefing.