Presidents Report May 20.   2020
Wollundry Rotary     
19 May 2020
Hi Wollundry members
Week six of our responsible isolation rules with some lessening of restrictions. A number of people feeling less safe have indicated there will be no rush to congregate in any large number or groups. We are all charged with the responsibility to be vigilant, particularly when we decide to travel outside our own safe environment.
Col Duff has been in contact with Ron’s Removals regarding deliveries of furniture to the fire effected victims up in the hills. This is a reminder if you have any spare furniture, or know a friend who has, contact Col Duff. This could be a very good project for Wollundry. Number for Col Duff is 0418 693 322.
Our Club had our Board meeting last night on Zoom and a number of resolutions were decided.
  • District subs have been paid
  • Our changeover will be a Zoom meeting and will be held on June 30 at 12.30pm. The Directors reports will be assembled and printed and posted to all members before the meeting
  • A social function will be held at a later date
  • Tumbarumba were paid $15,000 today
  • We are still negotiating with the new District 9705 Treasurer to include the contribution of $35K from each District as an income item in the budget
  • The new 2020-2021 budget for District 9705 will be sent to all Members. The District subs per member increases from $96 to $135 per member, a 40% increase
Graham Burmeister is home from his bout in Hospital and tells us that he is doing well. Paul Murray gave Carolyn and himself another scare last night and headed off to Hospital but Richard Baguley reports that Paul is also doing well and expects to be home sometime today. (Tuesday). We wish both good health and a speedy recovery.
All of our Zoom meetings have attracted almost 40 participants so we need to keep the momentum going so as to not lose contact with our fellow members. 
Would all the members who would like us to know a little more about their business, could they take a phone video for a couple of minutes of that business, send to me and we will run them at our meetings. Because vocational visits are off the agenda, call it a vocational virtual visit. Those that come to mind would be Pete Clucas, Mark Hillis, Ward Gaiter, David Hodge, Peter MacKinnon, Steve McCoy, Ken Taylor, David Foster, Richard Rossiter, Rob Nicholson, Tim McMullen, Andrew Puckeridge, Jeremy Reithmuller and any others I have missed.
Don’t forget to ring other members simply to say hello, a simple communication can mean so much.
19 May 2020
Our Meeting - 19 May 2020
The screen came to life, and President David issued a welcome, especially to Jamie Jarvie who was near Chicago in the USA, and in a time warp - it was 9.30pm on Monday.
Medical updates followed, and we heard that Burmo had been discharged from hospital - great news, and that was receiving ongoing treatment. Todays meeting had clashed with a medical appointment.
Paul Murray remains in hospital, with Phil Burgess getting updates from Carolyn. Paul has been tested for Covid-19, but has remained isolated at Gelston Park, so confident that he is "clean"
David reported on the board meeting held last night, and he has provided outcomes from that meeting in his President's report. 
Our Changeover function this year will be on June 30, not a formal dinner, but a midday Zoom meeting. A formal function, probably including bunches of flowers, will be held later when quarantine and social distancing requirements have been relaxed. There was a call for directors reports ready for printing, and inclusion in the Changeover booklet to be written - same every year.
When questioned over dress requirements for the changeover, it was confirmed that black tie would be selectively enforced.
Sofi was logged in to our meeting from Wagga Wagga High School, in her uniform, and in the library. After greetings and reminisces about Brazil from the two girls, we learned about reintegration into physically attending school. 
Next week, Sofi will move to a new host family - More details as they come to hand. Invitations to meals, or for outings are now permitted, so call Sofi : 0460 676 416‬
Geoff Hamilton, PP from a few years ago was attending our meeting, from Tasmania. Geoff provided a short summary of his health status, and the outstanding feature was his optimism - dealing with issues but nothing that will kill him.
He has not yet joined Rotary (or a pipe band) in Tasmania, but is in demand as a piper for Anzac day locally. Some of our members have heard Geoff calling Macca on ABC radio on Sunday Mornings. This started out with healthcare as an issue, but Australian Manufacturing and Proway in Wagga Wagga were recognised and discussed on national radio.
Peter Crozier advised that a series of donations to community organisations had been approved by the board at last nights meeting, and as these were above the threshold requiring ratification at a club meeting, sought this approval. The donations were:
St Vincent de Paul Society. $3000
Anglicare $3000
Salvation Army - pending application. $3000
Ashmont Schools Breakfast Program. $1500
The decisions of the board were formally ratified by the members.
President David called for Col Duff to report on progress of furniture donations to the Fire affected Tumbarumba community, and the efforts of Ron Leith in transporting these donations. Our club will provide a fuel card to the value of $500, to allay some of the costs.
John Flynn stepped in as Sergeant. There was much name dropping, with John Smith, Michael Georgiou and Pat Ingram getting honorable mentions. The distinction between the Dali Lama, and Llama, the South American mammal was exploited. A story involving faith healers, libido problems and unrealistic expectations finished off the session.
Phil McIntosh reported on the status of the Gears and Beers event. Compliance with Covid 19 requirements would be essential to our activities, ruling out a festival with thousands of people in the park, but a cycle event, designed to observe social distancing is still a possibility. Three rides are proposed - Dirty 130, 50km, and a community ride would probably suffice.
We were warned that the emphasis would be on community involvement, maintaining a profile in the cycling world, and the prospects of a cash windfall for our club would not be great.
John Gray was called on to introduce Peter Mace. A rambling introduction, acknowledging Neil Pinto, apologising to David Benn, and recognising that "Stone the Crows" was the reason that Peter should have come to Wagga Wagga.
The career as a bush poet blossomed after retirement from Vales Point power station, with appearances at Tamworth (The Country Music Festival???), including winning in the category, and many finals appearances.
Peter recited a few poems, with great anecdotes about each. "Australian Made", "Legend of Barnaby Joyce",   "The addict" was a medical quandary, and for Arthur Summons, a poem from the crowd. Then there was a poem for an Afghanistan veteran, very moving, very topical and in David Pyke words "very poignant".
David Benn had the final word, with his short poem, before we had a trio performance of the Anthem - Sutton, Ross and Pinto. We will try something else next week.
Jamie Jarvie on Zoom
This Photo is our 1994 file photo of Jamie Suszek, but she hasn't changed a bit.
Jamie logged in to our meeting, and it was great to catch up with her and get an update on her life and career.
She is a member of the Rotary Club of Palatine, a town outside of Chicago. The club has around 40 members, and is currently using Zoom for its weekly meetings. The club is heavily involved in Youth Exchange, and Jamie has been a host for eight students.
Rotary Club of Palatine runs an Octoberfest event each year, raising around $100 000 - and that's US dollars. They do get dressed up for the festival - see the photo.
We heard Jamie reminisce about her host parents in Wagga Wagga, the Connolly's, the Benn's and Kevin and Lyndal Watts. She is up to date on grandchildren, has been back to Australia twice with parents, and still has her yellow Wollundry Sloppy Joe. When asked about her favourite memories of Wagga Wagga, she singled out visits to Paul and Carolyn Murrays place, and Merv the Kangaroo, visits to the coast with the Croziers, and climbing Uluru.
John Gray asked about Jamie's experience with student exchange, and the difficulty attracting applicants. Her response was that the contraction that we are experiencing is evident in the USA as well.
Jamie gave us an update on her career in sales and marketing, where she was recently promoted to Vice President of Key Accounts, dealing with brain and spinal cord injuries. Three are some gaps in this information, but it sounds important. 
From the Archives
 This image is provided to make John Smith feel important and comfortable. 
 One of the committee tasks was "Penny the Pig". Discuss!!!!
May 19, 2020
Next Meeting. No. 45
May 26th 2020
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