Oct 13th 2020
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14th Nov 2020
OIC: Darren Wallace
Team: Craig Bromley, David Byfield, Doug Conkey, Doug Sutton (for John Egan), John Gray, James Hamilton, Andrew Puckeridge (for Pat Ingram), Bill Parker (for Paul Milde), David Wishart (for Rob Nicholson), Kerry Pascoe, Rick Priest, Colin Duff (for Mal Robertson)
Signs: James Hamilton
12th Dec 2020
OIC: John Ireland
Team: Ken Cook, John Ferguson, David Foster, Ward Gaiter, Peter Green, David Hodge, Steve McCoy, Graeme Obst, Wal Paton, John Smith, Darren Wallace, Adrian Whiting
Signs:  John Flynn

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This Bahamian Rotarian has been a whirlwind of energy since he began volunteering in high school.


Alleviating an environmental crisis in MongoliaRotary Peace Fellow builds consensus among goat herders to help them earn a decent wage, protect


For love of alma materWhen Rotary Scholar Chen Lin learned Kobe University in Japan was facing a COVID-19 related mask shortage, he united other alumni to

Former Wollundry Rotarian James McTavish Speaks about Borders and Water

Our Guest speaker today was former Wollundry Rotarian James McTavish, currently NSW Cross Border Commissioner.  James was one of the Armies youngest Lieutenant Colonel’s stationed at Kapooka.

James McTavish was appointed NSW Cross Border Commissioner in July 2014 and as the NSW Regional Town Water Supply Coordinator in January 2019. He has been working in this dual role to advocate for border communities and address cross-border anomalies as well as to ensure every regional town in NSW has safe, clean drinking water.

James informed members that $250 million worth of infrastructure water projects were in process in various types of work such as bores, dam refurbishment and the like.  In addition, regional water facilities were being supported with additional funding in the firm knowledge that the drought will be back and the long range impact of climate change will require new and innovative approaches to deal with the problem.

James noted that the border closures had the single most dramatic impact on border communities in the areas of employment, shopping, culture, health and many other areas.  At the peak of the problem, his office was receiving 500 communications a day on the subject.  He suggested that we needed to see ourselves as Australians and not Victorians or New South Welchmen.  We only have Australian passports.

President James gave James a vote of thanks. 

President's Report
It was great to see former Rotarian James McTavish back again as a guest speaker.  James is a busy man keeping Victorians out and solving complex regional town water issues.  There will no doubt be an El Nino to follow the current La Nina part of the weather cycle which probably means drought again some time.  In the meantime the farmers are happy for a change.
We conducted another very successful Saturday Market last weekend.  Well done to Captain Ken and his team.  The weather gods were kind and it looks like the local community is hungry for an excuse to get out and about safely.
On a more melancholy note, 13 members who attended the last Club meeting had not advised the Apologies Officer they were coming.  Of those, 4 were seen to be eating lunch that was, strictly speaking, not theirs to be had.  This is not helpful.  One member had to be turned away because there wasn't room under the Covid guidelines.  I leave you all to contemplate that.  Apologies also to the Zoomers for the technical issues with Zoom at the meeting.  Hopefully next week will be better.
Stay well Fellows.
President James
Our Meeting October 13th  2020
Sofie's Week
Sofie reported on her week and she was quite busy with her travels to Sydney and the South coast. 
In Sydney she saw the main attractions of the Zoo, Bondi Beach, having lunch at the Opera House.  At the South Coast she was fortunate to see some whales.  She enjoyed her week.


John Egan was the Sergeant and extracted sizeable contributions from the members for a short session where members were asked music questions and then asked to identify a song that he played. 
He began with the question as to which Beatle's birthday it was?  Answer: John Lennon   
He followed up with which Beatle don't use their proper name? Answer: Ringo Star (Richard Starkey) and Paul McCartney (James Paul McCartney)
He played 4 or 5 songs and was disappointed in the very limited musical knowledge of the club, although Puck and Ward did show well.

Rotary Information

Paul Murray provided Rotary information with a review of his Year as President and an Email he received from John Gray
His year as President was 2005-06 and he described it as very rewarding.  The club was running the Sunday Markets, Christmas Markets on Baylis and the Saturday Markets.  They brought in $130,000 in Markets profits, $20,000 more than budgeted.
He also played a recording of a song and video in which the song produced for the John Laws program regarding the bad blood between Barnaby Joyce and Bill Heffernan.   The song/video can be viewed and heard by clicking on the photo at your right.

The email from J Gray included a humorous recitation by an older gentleman who according to John, looked a lot like a member of our club, more specifically Frank Fuller.  The recitation is reprinted below.
Frank Fuller demanded a right of reply.  He said he was  much uglier than the fellow with the cigarette. He also said he was trying to get hold of his lawyer but Burmo was at the bar...the wrong bar.  And John Ireland is too expensive,  He went on to say that if it were him in the picture he would  have brought all the food home, plus the dollar in a brown paper bag.

Saturday Markets Report

An absolutely cracker of a day with a top team of enthusiasts comprising:John Egan, James Ross, Peter Crozier, John Mason, David Post, Phil Burgess, Greg Conkey, David Byfield, Bob Willis, Paul Milde & Pat Ingram. I’m pretty sure I’ve left someone out for which I apologise…..Special guest appearances by various members was noted, with David Benn even turning up early and pitching in to assist despite not actually being rostered on.

A very capable team who had everything set up and taken down in great time. Lucky, as I don’t think anyone there is any good at actually taking orders so good that they know what to do and then do it well.
Special thanks to my wife Jacqui who saved the team from an unforgettable spectacle when she arrived with my trousers belt.
The crowds were strong, the stall-holders very, very happy and full marks to Steve yet again on his handling of the mission.
It was noted that he’d let a couple of show-bag trucks come in and set up next to us. Part of the market yet separate. Despite some reservations expressed they were a hit with the kids and
got positive feedback. Good to support another small Riverina business struggling in these times.
Stall receipts were $1,640, BBQ took $805.85 less food and music for $341.15 profit and some drinks left over. Donations were an impressive $1,375.65 – the bins had 5, 10 & 20 dollar notes in them!! It’s a credit to the community that they support us in times like these.  Total banked was $3,356.80 which I note is a record for an October market in 2020.
 Two PhotoBombers Caught at Tuesdays Meeting
News Flash...Blatent and unchecked photobombing is occurring within the club.  The real concern is that senior members of Wollundry Rotary are flagrantly practicing photobombing with little if any regard for the terrible example they are setting for the younger members of the club or worse yet our exchange student...who from the second photo below seems to have already been corrupted.
Members Enjoying Fellowship
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray