Next Week's Meeting

No.14 - 3rd Oct - '17

Fellowship: Ken Taylor

Reception: darren Wallace

Furniture: Doug Sutton

Rotary Information: None - Hillis Fellowship Day


Programme this week:  Hillis Fellowship Day


Club Rosters

Bulletin Editors






Oct 3,10     Paul Murray

Oct 17, 24, 31        Doug Sutton

Nov 7, 14, 21         John Egan

Nov 28, Dec 5, 12   P MacKinnon

Dec 19, Jan 9, 16   Michael Knight




John Flynn -     3rd Oct
John Gray -      10th Oct
Laurie Blowes - ?
Peter Crozier - ?
Mark Hillis - ?
Peter Clucas - ?
Geoff Breust - ?
David Pyke -  ?
 Market Rosters
14 Oct 2017
OIC Neil Pinto replaced by David Hodge
David Wishart - confirmed
Laurie Blowes - confirmed
Graham Burmeister - confirmed
Doug Sutton - confirmed
Colin Duff - confirmed
Tim McGillycuddy - has swaped with David Pyke
Frank Fuller - has swapped with Malcolm Robertson
Geoff Breust - looking for a swap
Peter Green - looking for a swap
Kerry Pascoe - ? TBA
Greg Conkey - ? TBA
11 Nov 2017
OIC Michael Knight
David Benn
David Byfield
Ken Cook
John Ferguson
John Ireland
Tim Barter
Phil McIntosh
Rob Nicholson
Greg O'Hare
Rick Priest
Ken Taylor
Sep 26, 2017
RMS. Follow up from visit.
Oct 03, 2017
Hillis Day.
Oct 10, 2017
Rotary Health. Camping in the Dessert.
Oct 17, 2017
CSU Team Nepal
Oct 24, 2017
Mental Health Depression.
Oct 31, 2017
Riverina Water New Plant
Nov 07, 2017
Nov 14, 2017
New Board Elections
Nov 21, 2017
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John Ferguson
October 15
Greg O'Hare
October 27
Jim Gibson
November 2
Ken Cook
November 9
James Hamilton
November 20
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November 22
Neil Pinto
November 23
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October 1
October 4
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October 6
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October 26
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October 27
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October 30
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November 15
November 19
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November 22
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November 23
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November 24
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November 30
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October 1
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October 7
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October 11
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October 14
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November 11
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November 14
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November 14
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November 15
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November 15
Craig Bromley
November 25
Daniel Burns
Danielle Goss
November 28
Robert Pearson
November 28
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Pat Ingram
October 15, 1985
32 years
David Wishart
October 27, 2015
2 years
Mark Hillis
October 28, 1994
23 years
Gerry Gerlach
October 30, 2007
10 years
John Ferguson
October 30, 2007
10 years
Kerry Pascoe
October 30, 2007
10 years
James Hamilton
November 1, 1990
27 years
John Flynn
November 1, 1993
24 years
Jeremy Riethmuller
November 5, 2013
4 years
Tim Barter
November 9, 2010
7 years
Daniel Burns
November 19, 2015
2 years
John Ireland
November 20, 1984
33 years

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Susan Davies - Guest Speaker
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David Pyke.
David Byfield- Coolamon
Frank Fuller- Coolamon
Phil McIntosh- Coolamon
John Ferguson- G & B 20/9
John Ferguson- G & B 21/9
Laurie Blowes
Craig Bromley
John Egan
Jim Gibson
Pat Ingram
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Stephen McCoy
Tim McMullen
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South Wagga
Pres: Milena Dunn
meets:Wagga RSL Club
Mondays at 6:15 PM
Wagga CSU Rotaract
Pres:Clare Lawlor
Meets: CSU  Campus
Every 2nd Wed at 6:15pm
Wagga Wagga
Pres:Elaine Almond
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Kooringal
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Meets: Wagga Country Club
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Murrumbidgee
Pres: George Chapman
Meets: The Mantra Pavilion
Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Wagga Sunrise
Pres: Deidre Tome
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Meeting 7.30am
Bulletin Editor
Michael Knight
Presidents Report September 26
We marched down memory lane today, with Geoff Breust calling the shots at meeting 13, and Paul Milde away in Broken Hill helping his mother.
Grace, Toast and guests were dealt with perfunctorily, and in recognition of a very full program, we moved rapidly to our agenda items.
Geoff lamented that Rick Priest was not at the meeting, but that was to change. Rick had been recognised for "long service" at Henty, and had a full page story about him in the Henty MFD booklet. A full report later in the Bulletin.
David Byfield advised the club that the board had approved the purchase of a Filtration Pump costing $650 for use in the Congo. This brings us into line with three other Wagga Rotary clubs.
Then David moved onto Golf, and he called for six Rotarians to make up two teams for the Twomey golf tournament. Peter Clucas was not encouraged to apply.
Secretary's Report 27th Sept
Next Sprout and About Market 14th October.
Please check this weeks updated roster and advise your availability or otherwise in good time and confirm with me and your OIC David Hodge.
The Rotaract Ten Pin Bowling Challenge was held last Saturday.
Organiser of the event, Clare was going to email a report with results of the evening for the nine participating teams in the allocated three lanes but at time of writing it has not arrived so it may have to wait till next week.
The Wollundry A Team managed to get the winning score after the two rounds in our lane against our three worthy Rotoract opponents. Our combined scores are in Michael's report above.
Fellows if you cannot make our meeting try to do a makeup at one of the five Clubs in WW plus an e-Club. Please try to register a makeup whenever you can after attending to committee meetings or some other activity when representing Wollundry. Our District Club attendance for July was only 62.24% which is below average. Please just advise James or myself and I will pass it on to him. I am sure many of you do work for the Club that would count as a make up that you do not report so please make the effort to do so as it will help not only your attendance record but also the Club's average. There should be plenty of make ups on offer after this weekend's Gears and Beers event for those that need one.
Gears and Beers Briefing
A whole program of briefing last week, was followed by a short and intense follow up before we headed out from todays meeting.
Phil stressed to each of the volunteers that they must be aware of their task, timings, and role in the larger picture of the rides. The Booklet has been issued to all members and volunteers - you are urged to read it, and understand what you should do. The time to ask questions is not on the phone from your designated corner on the road. 
Phil acknowledged the assistance and the enthusiasm provided by Coolamon Rotary Club, who were briefed last Monday night. The DG was at that meeting, and Phil reported that he appeared to be getting the message of cooperation and involvement that exists between several clubs.
Frank Fuller was next up to report on the plans for the day. He called for more motorbikes, drivers for course surveillance, and volunteers for various logistical demands. 
Sgt David Pyke
 Sergeant for a Day, David collected the easy targets - latecomers.
Then he switched his attention to football club fans - Richmond, because he knew who they were. GWS, to see if there were any.
Peter Clucas has achieved notoriety at the golf club. Fetching your wayward ball two fairways from the tee to green line, disrupting the concentration of Lady golfers was never going to remain off the radar for too long.
Any story involving Courts, Judges and interrogation was always going to be sheeted home to Burmo, , but we don't think that Feb 20th any year is really the date he was born.
Double glazed windows that pay for themselves  - I can't paraphrase that for the bulletin!!!!!!!!!!!!
We shall see - How long will the smiles last?
Guest Speaker - Sue Davies
Sue has previously spoken to Wollundry Rotary, addressing the "Ten most Misunderstood Road Rules." On the last occasion, we started on Roundabouts, and that took up the entire meeting.
Todays program was to finish the assignment, so nine more topics were on the agenda.
Giving way to pedestrians dealt with turning into a sidestreet. Not surprisingly, you cannot run pedestrians over, but we were told that this rule does not apply at roundabouts. Go figure!!!!
Mobile Phone road rules are evolving, but you need bluetooth, and even that is verboten if you are on P plates.
Merging traffic, mainly from passing lanes all depends on the paint markings on the road. Too complex for our bulletin.
Keeping Left on multi lane roads is compulsory above 80kph marked speed limit, and only courtesy on Lake Albert Road.
Legally, High Beam is illegal within 200 metres approaching and following another car. Methinks that this should be much longer, especially on the Hay plain.
U Turns are prohibited unless its safe, or unless your GPS tells you to.
Safe Following Distances are open to interpretation. 100 metres will seldom get you into trouble.
School Zones - it's hard to work out why these are misunderstood. Keep your car dashboard clock accurate and look for flashing lights.
Amber Lights, are a rule that doesn't apply to Taxi Drivers who know which intersections have the cameras.
Tenpin Bowling Report
Rotarians and Rotoracters bowled off against each other. David's report was very concise, just the detail scores:
Richard Rossiter 205
David Benn  197
James Ross  197
Our Affiliate - The Aero Club
John Smith is passionate about his interests in life, and has a heavy involvement in Rotary, and in Flying and the Aero Club. This dedication has been recognised by the pilots by conferring Life Membership of the Aero Club. 
Congratulations go to John for this award, and his work to involve all Rotarians in the aviation world.
Rotary Information
Rotary Information
A motto of Rotary is Service Above Self. 
Today marks the centenary of the battle of Polygon Wood, near Ypres, Belgium in which 5,770 young Australian soldiers made the ultimate Service Above Self
In the local town of Zonnebeke lives Vandewalle, a farmer and publican who has dedicated his adult life to Service Above Self in finding and identifying the many unknown soldiers who still lie beneath the surrounding fields 
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Vandewalle at his pub and being taken to the Polygon Wood cemetery, where many of our brave soldiers have been laid to rest, thanks to his dedication of Service Above Self
As Rotarians, what can we do to fulfil Rotary’s motto
The PA system at the Henty Machinery Field Days
Rick Priest has provided Public Address and music systems to the Henty Field Days for 25 years, and was recognised for this achievement at the event in 2017.
Before 1992, Rick took PA equipment to the Henty Show, so his capabilities and experience were known in the district.
The equipment in use has developed dramatically over the years, with a studio setup in as caravan. Early days saw powered speakers in use with underground cables, but the limitations of cable connected speakers gave way to radio sets, with solar powered receivers relaying a signal from a transmitter in the caravan. This was effectively a FM radio station, transmitting on FM107.3, and having a range of 10 kilometres.
Spending three days each year at the Field Days has given Rick a great opportunity to watch developments and new inventions at the HMFD. He uses crop sprayers as a guideline to development of farm equipment, and is staggered at the exponential growth of the length of booms on spraying units.
The Story in the HMFD booklet goes on to tell of Rick's more recent exploits, especially relating to the Mens Shed In Wagga Wagga. This is great recognition of his energy, his enthusiasm and adaptability. Congratulations, Rick.
District Conference 2018
Gerry Gerlach addressed the club, not with a "thought of the day," but to remind the members that the next District 9700 Conference will be staged in Leeton, on the weekend of May 4, 5, and 6, 2018. This will be five weeks after our Food and Wine Festival.
Accomodation has been booked at the Leeton Heritage Motor Inn, six rooms at this stage, but we can still get more as required!!!!!!
There are preliminary discussions to have Wollundry Rotary provide a presentation on staging major festivals on the scale of Food and Wine, or Gears and Beers. Do we want to give away secrets??
Geoffs Blog
David Hodge arrived back from a football trip to Melbourne all excited - he had seen Geoff Hamilton, and Richmond won.
The good news is that Geoff has been allowed to go home, to his Docklands address, after 25 days treatment in hospital. There is no commentary that could get near to Geoff's blog in detailing his treatment, his feelings, his attitude and his family's support. 
You can share and support Geoff Hamilton at his Blog:
You can leave comments at this site.
Towards the Bottom
TORTOISE PICNIC. Contributed by Alan Lloyd - 2004
Three tortoises, Troy, Andy and Wayne, decide to go on a picnic. 
Troy packs the picnic basket with beer and sandwiches. The trouble is that the picnic site is ten miles away so it takes them ten days to get there. When they get there, Troy unpacks the food and beer. 
"OK, Wayne, give me the bottle opener."  "I didn't bring it," says Wayne.  "I thought you packed it!" 
Troy gets worried, He turns to Andy, "Did you bring the bottle opener?" 

Naturally Andy didn't bring it. So they're stuck ten miles from home without a bottle opener. 
Troy and Andy beg Wayne to go back for it. But he refuses as he says they will eat all the sandwiches. 
After two hours, and after they have sworn on their tortoise lives that they will not eat the sandwiches, he finally agrees. 
So Wayne sets off down the road at a steady pace. 20 days pass and he still isn't back and Troy and Andy are starving, but a promise is a promise. 
Another 5 days and he still isn't back, but a promise is a promise. 
Finally they can't take it any longer so they take out a sandwich each, and just as they are about to eat them, Wayne pops up from behind a rock and shouts, "I knew it! ... I'm not going!"