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Saturday 12 November
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November 1, 1985
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Doug Sutton
President's Report 08.11.22
Hi all,
Our deepest sympathies to Angie and Peter MacKinnon. Peter’s father Don has passed away.
Don’s funeral will be at the lawn cemetery chapel on Friday 11th November at 10:00am.
Also, congratulations to Ange and Peter on the birth of a new Grandson.
The Saturday Markets will be at the Precinct this weekend, possibly on the U-shaped roadway to the South of the normal Park site. This is to be confirmed. The showgrounds are not an option as the River and Wren markets will be there. The new EFTPOS machines will be on trial.
Adrian Whiting is looking for a good role-up at a Food and Wine committee meeting this Thursday 10th Nov in the Ambassador room Roman’s hotel. If you are on the Food and Wine committee please attend as decisions need to be made about the way ahead for the festival, now and into the future.
Next week’s meeting will be at Pro Patria, 19 Morshead Street Wagga Wagga 2650. Current returns indicate about 30 attending. Wal will be cooking a BBQ lunch. Visitors will be shown around the new facility.
Invitations will go out this week to the Christmas Party. Please RSVP early to indicate catering numbers in a timely manner.
Kind Regards,
President Phil
Guest Speaker 08.11.22
Today's guest speaker was our club member David Post who took us on a tour of the outback. His purpose was to get members to think outside the box when thinking of projects for our club.
At Alice Springs there was a big sign on the outskirts advertising the Fink River race. The sign had the Rotary Wheel on it. In the Todd River (which is mostly dry sand) David's partner Karen sat and painted with a group of indigenous women. After a joyful time together they exchanged paintings.
In Katherine NT they discovered a Rotary fun park. In Kununurra there was a tree painted blue by Rotary. The blue tree is to get people to have a conversation about depression. (Incidentally I saw one in the grounds of CSU recently).
In Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges in SouthAustralia, David and Karen bushwalked to Mt Olsen Bagge and observed a number of bird boxes in the trees. The boxes were stamped with the Rotary Symbol. They discovered that Rotary is involved with a nature preservation effort. The aim is to help stop the extinction of native species. Rotary Clubs from two districts are involved in the effort which encompasses an extensive area across inland Australia. Eighty five percent of the workers on the project are Indigenous.
David told us about the HMAS Sydney memorial in Geraldton W.A. This is a magnificent memorial to the 645 Australian sailors who were lost when the German raider Kormoran engaged in a mutually destructive battle on 19th November 1941. The project to build the memorial was initiated by the Rotary Club of Geraldton. The Rotary Club steering committee started working on the project on July 1 1998. In 2009 The Australian Government recognised the memorial as a National Memorial. The dome is made of 645 joined sea gulls to represent each of the sailors who died. The widow statue looks out to sea in the direction of where the battle took place and where the ship's remains were recently discovered.
David wanted to tell us about these very interesting and worthwhile projects to get us thinking about what sort of projects we might pursue in the future. Projects that might be beneficial to a wider community than just Wagga.
Once again, one of our own proved to be a very interesting speaker. David was applauded by members and presented with a bottle of oil as a thank you.
Our Meeting 08.11.22
President Phil presided over today's meeting which he opened in the usual way.
He offered condolences on behalf of the club to Secretary Peter MacKinnon, on the death of his father Don MacKinnon. Don's funeral will take place this Friday at 10 a.m. at the Lawn Cemetery Chapel,  Brunskill Rd.
Next week's meeting is at Pro Patria, the former Carmelite Monastery in Ashmont. The address is Morshead St. Turn right from Ashmont Avenue into Montgomery St. just past the men's shed then left at the T into Moorhead. A barbecue will be available for $15. If you are coming please pay your Money into Wollundry club account. BSB 325-185 Acc. 38700036.
Adrian Whiting called for Committee members to attend a meeting this Thursday at 5 p.m. David Pyke has prepared a budget to help members decide whether to continue with this festival next year.
Peter Green fined several members: Neil Pinto because Australia is out of the T20 series; Melbourne Cup sweep winners Michael Knight, Peter Crozier, Ken Cook, David Byfield, David Pyke, David Benn, Tim Hutchings, Adrian Whiting, John Gray, John Egan and Phil McIntosh took out the big prize of $140.
The rest of us were fined because we had great difficulty in matching Kings and Monarchies. Peter gave some very interesting statistics about the number of monarchies which are still part of the Commonwealth.
John Gray continued with his theme of Wollundry Rotary History. In 1977 Ethel Forrest died and bequeathed a large amount of money, in excess of $1 million, to the Anglican Church to build a nursing facility. Archdeacon Tony Ireland, the Anglican Rector of St John's and a member of Wollundry Rotary, felt that the Little Company of Mary Nuns who operated Calvary Hospital, were best placed to fulfil Miss Forrest's wishes. Through his initiative and cooperation with the Catholic Diocese of Wagga a new Nursing Home was established, now known as the Forrest Centre. It was in the early days of Wollundry Rotary and members committed to raising $15,000 per year for three years, a large sum in those days. With some trepidation the Club took on the challenge and more than met the commitment. The Forrest Centre now has 250 staff, operates two facilities and provides 550 home care packages.
Adrian Whiting
Craig Bromley, Ken Cook, Frank Fuller, Gerry Gerlach, Robert Hennesy-Hawks, Tim Hutchings, Pat Ingram, Chris Kelly, Paul Murray LOA, David Pyke, Ken Sergeant, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Darren Wallace, Peter Wilesmith
This week's winner of the wine was Michael Knight.
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray