Next Meeting. No. 13

25th Sept. 2018

Fellowship :  Peter Green
(greeting visitors)
Reception Stuart Heriot
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture :  Mark Hillis
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information: Rick Priest (tbc)

Speaker:   Phil McIntosh, Gears & Beers

Bulletin Editor






Sep 25, Oct 2          D Sutton

Oct 9,16,23             J Egan

Oct 30, Nov 6, 13    P McKinnon

Nov 20, 27, Dec 4   P Murray


25th September  -  John Gray
2nd October  -  Laurie Blowes
 Market Rosters
Next Saturday Market is Saturday 13th October 2018.  Roster :
OIC Col Duff,
Phil Burgess,
Tim Hutchings (requires a swap)
Steve McCoy (requires a swap)
Paul Murray,
John Gray (for Wal Paton),
Rob Pearson,  
Nick Leywood (for Mal Robertson),
David Post,
James Ross,
Jonty Shuter,
Darren Wallace
Bob Willis (requires a swap)
Swapping Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that has been to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time, and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap
Trailers  -  4 needed
Saturday 10th November 2018 :
OIC  -  Neil Pinto
Team  -  Laurie Blowes, Geoff Breust, Greg Conkey, Frank Fuller, Peter Green, Nick Leywood, James McNaughton, Kerry Pascoe, David Pyke, Doug Sutton, David Wishart
Sat 8th December 2018:
OIC Michael Knight
Team - Tim Barter, David Benn, Phil Burgess, David Byfield, Ken Cook, John Ferguson, Ward Gaiter, Stuart Heriot, Phil McIntosh, Graham Obst, Andrew Puckeridge, Rick Priest, Ken Taylor
Sat 9th Feb 2019
OIC Craig Bromley
Team - Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Egan, John Flynn, John Hawkins, Tim Hutchings, John Ireland, Peter MacKinnon, John Mason, Paul Milde.

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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Doug Sutton
September 12
Ken Taylor
September 12
Craig Bromley
September 26
John Ferguson
October 15
Spouse Birthdays
Helen Fuller
September 11
Barb Heriot
September 17
Carolyn Murray
September 23
Rachel Whiting
September 28
Cathy Pyke
October 1
October 4
Cathy Willis
October 6
Karen Walsh
October 11
Ros Breust
October 26
Judi Dunning
October 27
Phil McIntosh
Lynette McIntosh
September 9
Frank Fuller
Helen Fuller
September 21
John Flynn
October 1
Peter Clucas
October 7
Robert Nicholson
Cassandra Nicholson
October 10
Join Date
Richard Baguley
September 19, 2017
1 year
Robert Nicholson
September 23, 2014
4 years
Puck Puckeridge
October 24, 2017
1 year
David Wishart
October 27, 2015
3 years
Mark Hillis
October 28, 1994
24 years
Gerry Gerlach
October 30, 2007
11 years
John Ferguson
October 30, 2007
11 years
Kerry Pascoe
October 30, 2007
11 years
Bulletin Editor
Doug Sutton
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Presidents Report
Presidents Report 18th September 2018
Notes from last nights board meeting include
  • 2017/18 accounts are with David Pyke for consolidation purposes then to auditor for review and report in readiness for Club’s AGM on 13th November
  • Most members have a Working with children’s check ID. Balance of members have or in the process of making application.
  • Fireside meeting will be held in the near future
  • Members induction manual is being updated
  • Men’s health van will be in Wagga Wagga on the 19 & 20 November. David Byfield is coordinating volunteers and resources.
  • Rosters need to be updated to include our two newest members Phil & David
  • Vocational visits are been organised with the 1st visit to be held on the 23rd October at the Men’s shed Ashmont.
  • 12 new money boxes for $2 coins have been received and ready to be distributed to members to assist them in becoming centurions.
  •  Movie night will be organised in near future to raise funds for Polio Plus
  • Hat day is set for the 9th October. Funds raised on the day will be contributed to Australia Rotary health for mental health research
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute will be hiring about 15 marquees on 26 & 27 October.   
Representatives from various community service clubs in the City of Wagga Wagga met last Thursday to discuss “The future of Service Clubs in Wagga Wagga”. David Byfield and I attended the meeting. David Benn represented DG John at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Yvonne Braid who is a Rotarian. Discussion took place around health of service clubs which included efforts to engage younger people to encourage them to join a community service club, working together such as Gears & Beers festival, use of social media, combined web site listing all events/activities of clubs so as to avoid clashes. The clubs represented were Rotary, Rotaract, Apex, and Lions. The outcome of the meeting was to form a working party to progress the matter. If any member(s) have a passion to join the working party please let me know.    
President’s meeting was held last Thursday following the joint club meeting. DG John has requested that more stories be sent to him for inclusion in the District Newsletter. Dates mentioned are 29 & 30 October presentation to 4 clubs on “End of Trachoma by 2020” by PDG Michael Milston, 16 to 18 November RYPEN, 18 November presidents forum, 19 January RYLA, 2 & 3 March PETS, & 29 to 31 March District conference at Griffith. Drought relief was discussed.
This week is Rural Anti Crime
All invited to Community fun afternoon on Sunday 23rd September from 1pm to 3.30pm in the Victory Memorial gardens organised by WWCC.      
Enjoy your day in service of the community above self
Secretary's Report
Reminders -
Dates for the Diary :
Sunday 23rd September  -  Exchange Student activities roster -  Daniel Burns
Sunday 23rd September  -  Council Drought Concert, Victory Memorial Gardens, 1:00-4:30pm
Tuesday 25th September  -  Gears & Beers Committee meeting, Commins Hendriks, 5:30pm
Sunday 30th September -  Gears & Beers Festival
Monday 1st October  -  next Rotaract meeting, at CSU, 6:00 for 6:30pm
Sunday 7th October  -  Daylight Savings starts
Tuesday 9th October  -  Austn Rotary Health Hat Day
Tuesday 16th October  -  Wollundry Poets' Day
Responsibilities  -  please,
-  put your name on the Roster for the Gears & Beers Festival if you haven't already, 
-  find a replacement if you cannot fulfil a rostered duty,
register an Apology by 4pm on Monday if you are going to be absent from the next meeting, and
register a Make-up for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Our Meeting
President James called us to order on time and led Rotary Grace. He then welcomed our visitors and reported that Wal Paton is recovering well but is expected to spend another week in Rockhampton Hospital. Get well soon Wal we need you back for the barbecue!
President James then highlighted a number of issues which are included in his report above.
Bob Willis made an appeal for more of our club members to become centurions. Centurion membership is acquired by simply paying $100 per year to the Rotary Foundation. Members already contribute $50 through their annual fee payment, so only an extra $50, or $1 per week, is required to become a Centurion. Rotary Foundation is the only charity which does not take a percentage for admin costs. Donations are tax deductible. Rotary Foundation has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on eradicating polio and is within reach of that goal. Contact Bob if you would like a plastic coin collection container for your spare change to quickly make up the extra $50!
Paul Milde reported on the opening of this facility. He said the ceremony was very special and the facility is excellent with a accommodation for relatives as well. Our donation of $40,000 for the special beds required was gratefully received and our club was duly recognised for this large contribution.
Paul also gave us a reminder of the following upcoming events:
  • Hat Day Oct 9th. Proceeds to Rotary Health for Mental health Research
  • Poets Day Oct 16th.
  • Men's Shed Vocational visit Oct 23rd.
  • Melbourne Cup Sweep Nov 6th.
  • Christmas Party at Michalel Knight's home Dec 9th.
John Gray fined a number of people including Paul Milde for continuing to sit at the top table, Frank Fuller for copying his head wound, Bob Willis, our Charter members for talking, Michael Georgiou and the rest of us for his two jokes: One about a serial killer hitchhiker and one about an aged couple using the rhythm method (not the catholic one). This time the slow cadence of the church bells but were compromised when an ice cream van went past with a faster rhythm resulting in a heart attack.
Jackie Cooper from Jack of Hearts Photography and Chelsea Kovacs (d-in-l of Phil McIntosh) CSU Advancement Office, visited our club for a photo shoot re. our CSU scholarship. They are pictured here with John Ireland, Bob Willis and President James Hamilton.
Our other visitors today were Irene Chung our exchange student and Danny Connolly.
Richard Baguley, Tim Barter, Laurie Blowes, Craig Bromley, Phil Burgess, Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Flynn, Gerry Gerlach, Peter Green, John Hawkins, David Hodge, John Mason, Tim McMullen, Paul Murray, Wal Paton, Robert Pearson, Neil Pinto, David Post, Rick Priest, Andrew Puckeridge.
James Hamilton, James Ross, John Ferguson, Col Duff, David Byfield, David Pyke.
Winner this week was Daren Wallace
Gears and Beers
Gears and Beers Chairman Phil McIntosh gave us a detailed run down on the preparations for our festival which is on the weekend after this.
He presented members with a detailed booklet with which members need to be familiar. The smooth running of the festival depends on each individual doing his/her duty as per instructions.
Members are reminded to read their booklets carefully and make note of their positions as per the rosters. 
  • Gears and Beers Festival will be the very first Wagga Event advertised on Destination NSW Events
  • Over 2000 riders are expected
  • 12 noon start time for set up. Critical that all be there at that time.
  • Ride Bag Pickup from 3 p.m.
  • Big Tent, Toilets, Rubbish Bins, Big Screen and Security.
  • AFL Grand Final will be live on the Big Screen.
  • Cycle Registrations from 6 a.m.
  • Speakers Sound - Steve McCoy
  • Street Signage - Andrew Puckeridge, Paul Milde
  • Fencing
  • Carry 1st aid kits and bile pumps
  • pick up gas canisters and tubes from start of ride.
  • signs and lights for vehicles.
  • From 7 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
  • Must wear a Safety Vest. Pick up form start from David Byfeld.
  • Carry First Aid Kits and Water.
  • We have no authority to stop vehicles but we can direct cyclists.
  • Be careful where you stand. Roads are open to traffic. Remember your own safety!
  • Be at your spot 15 minutes before time.
  • More next week.
Meeting Photos
Graham Obst and Michael Knight having a serious discussion
Burmo looking sharp.
Richard appears to be offering Mal $5 and some directions.