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OIC: Darren Wallace
Team: Craig Bromley, David Hodge (for David Byfield), Doug Conkey, Doug Sutton (for John Egan),John Flynn (for  John Gray), James Hamilton, Andrew Puckeridge (for Pat Ingram), Bill Parker (for Paul Milde), David Wishart (for Rob Nicholson), Kerry Pascoe, Rick Priest, Colin Duff (for Mal Robertson)
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12th Dec 2020
OIC: John Ireland
Team: Ken Cook, John Ferguson, David Foster, Ward Gaiter, Craig Bromley ( for Peter Green), David Byfield (for David Hodge), Steve McCoy, Graeme Obst, Wal Paton, John Smith, Darren Wallace, Adrian Whiting
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President's Report Nov 03
Our guest speaker for our Melbourne Cup meeting was Darryl Maclean who is a racing steward for the SDRA.  Darryl had our members glued to their seats and asking lots of questions, with the occasional reference to the infamous Fine Cotton-Bold Personality ring-in scandal.  It is reassuring to know that the racing industry is not corrupt any more.  Congratulations to those who drew Twilight Payment.  There's only a few members still needing to pay their Subs.
We had the great pleasure of inducting our newest member Andrew Crackanthorp.  Andrew was introduced by and will also be mentored by John Gray, will have the classification "Water Services  -  Management", and has been appointed to the Saturday Markets Committee.  Welcome to the Club Andrew.  Enjoy the fellowship.
Sofi's flag is running out of space for messages so if you haven't done so you may be able to at least sign it.  It looks like we have a lot of budding authors in our midst.
Stay well fellows.
Secretary's Report
Hi all,
A busy cup day meeting. The ZOOM connection failed to eventuate due to technical difficulties. Apologies to potential ZOOMERS.
Congratulations to Andrew Crakanthorp on becoming a member of our club.
A well received speaker in Darryl Mclean. His presentation was popular and generated a lot of questions from the floor.
Thank you to Richard Rossiter and crew for organising the Melbourne Cup sweeps.
Please note rosters for the weekly meetings, and Saturday Markets. The Sat Market teams for Nov and Dec are listed. Some minor alterations are anticipated which I will 
announce at next Tuesdays meeting.
Stay Safe,
Regards Phil Burgess
Guest Speaker
President James thanks our guest speaker Daryl Mclean Racing Steward for the S.D.R.A.
It was appropriate on Melbourne Cup Day to talk Horse Racing and who better than our guest speaker Daryl Mclean to address this topic. Daryl has been a steward for the Southern District Racing Association for more than forty years. As you would expect he has seen a lot of changes in that time with, particularly with the introduction of technology. Daryl was introduced by John Gray.
The main responsibility of a Steward is the upholding of the integrity of racing. The ideal is to achieve a level playing field for all participants and to look after the health and safety of humans and horses.
For Daryl a typical race day starts 2 hours before the 1st race. Some of the tasks undertaken in chronological order are:
  • to assess the track, make sure the running rails are true and there is no debris.
  • go to the Stewards' room and meet up with the other stewards, the swab steward, the vet steward, the starter and the assistant starter.
  • check the race book and ensure there are no mistakes. In particular check the accuracy of the runners.
  • do random swabs.
  • check licences.
  • starter and assistant starter check all the horses for identification and soundness.
Trainers must have their horses on course one and a half hours before their race. The horse must be saddled a half hour before the race and must be in the parade enclosure 15 minutes before start time. The horses are identified again at the point by reading a microchip in their neck. The horses then parade in number order for television commentary and then they move to the barriers.
At the MTC there are four cameras that track the horses including the photo finish camera that decides the winner and place getters. After each race all stewards gather to discuss the race and report any incidents that need further examination. If there are they open an inquiry and take swabs, including the jockeys.
Betting stewards also watch unusual betting patterns, especially if a horse "blows" in the betting.
The amount of interest in Daryl's talk was evidenced by the many questions he answered. Subjects of bribery, "ring ins" and characters were discussed. Illegal behaviour is often discovered thru whistleblowers "dobbing in" those who break the rules e.g using "jiggers", electric devices applied to the horse during training to stimulate a greater effort at a certain point on the track.
Members applauded Daryl for his interesting talk and applauded in the usual manner following a vote of thanks by President James.
Our Meeting
President James opened the meeting and welcomed guests Andrew Crackenthorpe and Guest Speaker Daryl McLean. He then called on Exchange Student
Sofi to bring us up to date on her weeks so far.
Sofi told us that she had been to Paul and Carolyn Murray's farm and learnt to call up the cows. She also patted a Black Angus Bull. A very courageous act in my opinion. She played percussion instruments for the Community Band on Thursday night and topped it off with a birthday dinner at the Wagga Beach.
Doug Conkey recounted his time as the 34th President of the Rotary Club of Wollundry. Some of the highlights were:
  • An increase of members from 75 - 78, including new members inducted: Michael Merylees, Kevin Moffat, Tim McGillicuddy and Wal Paton.
  • 36 Rotarians have left our club since that time.
  • Greatest legacy of that year was acquiring funds for our shed at North Wagga which Rob Pearson built the following year.
  • Eugenie Koche was a very popular exchange student.
  • Donations for the year totalled $108,020 with Micah House being the recipient of a major donation.
  • Attending the International Rotary Conference in Bangkok Thailand and meeting the International President who later came to Wagga.
HC break the cycle of poverty through education.png
Darren Wallace told us that the pictures above are of the same girl who met the team of Wallaces and Hillis in the dump and who, through the assistance of the Wagga based charity, has now graduated from University!! What an achievement by her and only achievable by the efforts of Mark and Darren and family and supporters.
The purpose of the Help Cambodia organisation is simply to provide Health and Education to the poor in Cambodia, with an emphasis on education as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.
Darren pointed out that the government schools are not very good and the "dump School" built by donations from Wagga, provides supplementary teaching in English and computer skills. It is now a RAWCS project.
Money is raised though a number of ways: one off events, recycling, and individual sponsorship. You can sponsor a child for one year's education for $40 per month. 
For further information contact Darren at:
Our newest member Andrew Crackanthorp was introduced by his sponsor PP John Gray and welcomed by President James. Andrew was approached by John some years ago to ask him to join the Board Of the RSL Club, which he did. John appreciated Andrew's skills as an administrator coupled with his integrity.
In replying to his induction and welcome Andrew said he looks forward to his involvement with Wollundry Rotary as he wants to become involved in community building and has admired our work for some time.
As the General Manager of Riverina Water he brings wealth of experience to our Club. Members stood to applaud our new member.
John Ferguson was today's sergeant and being Melbourne Cup Day he provided some interesting facts about the cup.
  • Most wins in succession, Makybe Diva, 3. Only horse to achieve this feat winning in 2003, 04, 05.
  • Jockey Bobby Lewis won Cup four times. Harry white next best.
  • Most number of winners for a trainer, Bart Cummings.
  • First and only woman rider to win was Michelle Payne aboard Prince of Penzance. (Jamie Kah was almost the second, riding Prince of Arran in a fast finishing third in this year's cup)
  • Fastest run Melbourne Cup was Kingston Rules win in a time of 3' 16"
  • Biggest weight was carried by Carbine.
  • Shortest starting odds were for Phar Lap.
  • 34 Pacesetters have won (Now 35).
  • Only Rising Fast as won the triple. Cox Plate, Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup in the one year.
Doug Conkey, Richard Rossiter and Peter Crozier organise the sweeps.
Sweep Winners collect their winnings at next week's meeting. They are:
1. Twilight Payment: R. Rossiter, R Nicholson, J. Gray, P. Burgess.
2. Tiger Moth: Sofi, P. Crozier, N. Pinto, S. Herriot.
3. Prince of Arran: P. Wilesmtih, C. Duff, P. Burgess, W. Parker
Andrew Crackanthorp, Daryl Mclean (Guest Speaker), Sofi Seneme (International Exchange Student Brazil)
Craig Bromley, Graham Burmeister, Shane Carroll, Peter Clucas, John Flynn, David Hodge, Pat Ingram, John Ireland, John Mason, Paul Milde, Wal Paton, Robert Pearson, Andrew Puckeridge, David Wishart, Jonty Shuter, 
John Egan
David Pyke and Paul Murray setting up for the zoom meeting.
Sandwiches again!
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray