July 20th 2021
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Romano's Hotel

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27th July - Pat Ingram

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27th July - A. Crackanthorp

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14th August 2021
OIC: Michael Knight
Team: G. Breust, A. Crackenthorp, G. Conkey, J. Egan, G. Gerlach, P. Mackinnon, P. Ingram, J. Mason, W. Paton, R. Priest, N. Schirmer, C. Duff, 
11th Sept 2021
OIC: David Foster
Team: D. Benn, C. Bromley, P. Burgess, S. Carroll, D. Conkey, F. Fuller, P. Green, T. Hutchings, C. Kelly, R. Nicholson, R. Pearson, M. Robertson, K. Taylor.
9th Oct 2021
OIC: John Gray
Team: R. Baguley, D. Byfield, K. Cook, P. Crozier, J. Flynn, J. Hamilton, S Heriot, P. Ingram, P. Murray, G. Obst, D. Post, J Shuter, D. Wishart.
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Lisa Simpson Talks about Ronald McDonald house
Our guest speaker on Tuesday was Lisa Simpson, Manager of Ronald McDonald House in Wagga.   The main objective for the charity is to provide a home-away-from-home for seriously ill children and their families.
There are 18 houses  in Australia.  Lisa is one of three paid employees with the rest of the staff volunteers.
There is also a Ronald McDonald Family Room at Wagga Base hospital.  Family Rooms provide a warm and safe environment within the hospital where they can spend time away from bedside.  There is a kitchenette , washing facilities  and a play area for children.
MacDonalds funds the house to the tune of 20%.   People are often surprised that, assuming  McDonalds funds the majority of the costs of running the house.  The three following funding sources makeup all of the support for the home. 
The relatives and families of high risk pregnancies are also often guests at the house.  There are 4 separate sleeping quarters within the house that can each accommodate up to six people. The house is well used, however there are usually avaliable rooms with the average stay being 4.5 days.
Lisa had quite a few questions which she answered clearly and completely.  After her questions she had a short video relaying the experiences at the home of several local families.  To view the video click on the photo below:
President's Report July 20th

It was another quiet meeting with no singing still. Numbers were a bit down but there was a good spirit in the attendees, and David Ben brought a visitor, Robert Hennesy-Jones. He is a ex Rotarian and recently move back to Wagga and hopefully may be a candidate for a new member.

We had a guest speaker, Lisa Simpson and she gave an excellent presentation on Ronald MacDonald house  on Edward Street. She is the manager and all other staff are volunteers. It is open to families who have a family member in hospital, both adult and children, including some high risk pregnancies needing to be close to hospital. They have 4 bedrooms and can take 5 to 6 in a room if needed. Interestingly big macs only provides about 20% of their income needed to run the place; the rest is from some government assistance and fundraising. It was a polished and very informative talk.

David Byfield did Members Choice and David Hodge did Rotary Information. The meeting ran to time which is my aim for such meetings, with time for fellowship every week.

There was a combined Wagga Rotary President's meeting last night. It was a chance to meet the crew including a Rotaract member. The was some discussion about new signs for the highway into Wagga but nothing new is happening. It was a more get to know you session with our area 3 governor there as well.

Have a good week everyone.

Richard Baguley

Secretary's Report 20.07.21
Hi all,
A very professional Guest Speaker this week. Well done Lisa Simson, both the personal and electronic presentations were of the highest order.
Ronald McDonald House provides a very important service for our community.
Well done to David Byfield and David Hodge on their respective presentations.
A fine display of electronic prowess by Ric Priest, and very polished handover of the AED to President Richard.
The Community Budget was accepted and approved by the Board on Monday night. I will distribute it to all members this week, please read it as Treasurer Ken will be putting it up for Club ratification at next Tuesday's meeting.
Diary Dates:
Next Sat Market - Sat 14th August
Next Board Meeting - Monday 16th August
Help Cambodia Movie Premiere - Thursday 19th August, Forum Cinema 6, 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.
The movie is called RESPECT. Tickets are available on line at
Kind Regards
Sec Phil
Our Meeting July 20 - 2021
Rick Brings AED Back to Life
Rick Priest presented President Richard with the AED that was stored in the North Wagga Shed and a charged battery to restore the device to be available when and if needed.

David Byfield was Sergeant
David Byfield provided members with quite a variety of  valuable information,  one of which was that Australia has the longest golf course in the world.

David Hodge provided the Members Choice

James Ross Won the Wine Draw
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray