John Ferguson came to the podium to introduce his sister Barbara Ferguson.  Barbara spoke to Wollundry 8 years ago and also at our District Conference in Wagga  5 years ago. She taught at University of Hawaii, University of California and the University of New South Wales.  She is an OAM and now is currently working with the Pygmies in the Congo.
She thanked the club for it’s support. The trip to the Congo still takes 36 hours. Barbara showed a five minute film that gave an overview of the Congo and Barbara’s work with the Pygmies. The war in the Congo is still going on and the total number of people lost is almost as many as live in Sydney.
The Pygmies (the hunter-gather’s of the Rainforest) are discriminated against by the other cultures.  When Barbara first arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the children suffer malnutrition. The people asked Barbara for a school so the children of the village could be educated.  Barbara raised money to buy some land and settle the Pygmies in one place. 65 houses were built.  A school was built  with an emphasis firstly on food and nutrition providing the children with a meal when they arrive and one when they leave for the day. 
In 2014, the focus was shifted to the welfare of children under 7.  Now there are no children suffering from malnutrition. A medic comes once a month to hold a Primary Health Care Clinic and see anyone who is sick … all of the villagers are invited.
$2600 dollars a month is needed just for basic expenses.  The goal is now to build a second building for children under 3 so the age groups are appropriate and safe. Some of the children have gone on to obtain tertiary education and have come back to help the other children.
Barbara built facilities for 60 students and now 140 come.  See Photo above.   
Barbara spoke of her book, Do Not Look Away and a copy could be purchased for $27.00.   She read a short passage about a confrontation with an Army Colonel who tried to take over her school  to use as a ammunition warehouse. Barbara stood her ground and got all of the ammunition removed. 
Barbaras video, photos and book reading were very moving and well received by the members.  She was given a vote of thanks from Peter Crozier.
Peter Crozier anxiously awaits his personally signed book.
The Ferguson family...sister-in-law Emiley, wife Judy, big sister Barbara and John