Burmo and MaYan were married last Wednesday Sept 9th at the  Riverine Club.  Sofie, our Brazilian exchange student attended the wedding as the representative of Rotary. 
I received a call from Burmo on Thursday telling me about the wedding and asking if I would put together a slide show of some photos he would send me, for the members on the following  Tuesday.  I said of course, as I was honoured to be of service to my friend Burmo.  I assembled the photos and checked everything out before the meeting and the photos and background music went perfect.  The plan was for Sofie to give her weekly activities and then casually say that on Wednesday she went to Burmo's wedding....which would immediately be followed by my photos and music.
As it is with computers, things often don't go to plan.  When 
I started the video it had video but no audio, that is no sound within the room.  It had sound going out to the Zoom watchers,  but unfortunately nothing to the members within the meeting room.
So that members can view the video as intended, with photos and music, I have loaded the video to a server and invite everyong to  CLICK HERE   to see and hear the pictures.
If it doesn't work, then I suggest you go to the top of the bulletin  and click ... Having trouble viewing this email...... It will bring you into ClubRunners own reader and allow you to view the video.