Our guest speaker on Tuesday was Lisa Simpson, Manager of Ronald McDonald House in Wagga.   The main objective for the charity is to provide a home-away-from-home for seriously ill children and their families.
There are 18 houses  in Australia.  Lisa is one of three paid employees with the rest of the staff volunteers.
There is also a Ronald McDonald Family Room at Wagga Base hospital.  Family Rooms provide a warm and safe environment within the hospital where they can spend time away from bedside.  There is a kitchenette , washing facilities  and a play area for children.
McDonalds funds the house to the tune of 20%.   People are often surprised that, assuming  McDonalds funds the majority of the costs of running the house.  The three following funding sources makeup all of the support for the home. 
The relatives and families of high risk pregnancies are also often guests at the house.  There are 4 separate sleeping quarters within the house that can each accommodate up to six people. The house is well used, however there are usually availible rooms with the average stay being 4.5 days.
Lisa had quite a few questions which she answered clearly and completely.  After her questions she had a short video relaying the experiences at the home of several local families.  To view the video click on the photo below:  (Note: if you have problems with the video, go to the top of the Bulletin and where it says..."Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to view it online."