Rick Brings AED Back to Life
Rick Priest presented President Richard with the AED that was stored in the North Wagga Shed and a charged battery to restore the device to be available when and if needed.

David Byfield was Sergeant
David Byfield provided members with quite a variety of  valuable information,  one of which was that Australia has the longest golf course in the world.

David Hodge provided the Members Choice
David Hodge came to the podium to provide Members Choice.   His talk was an overall summary of the successful projects Wollundry has undertaken and is currently overseeing.  However his first concern, when he noticed that I was taking his photo,  was that I get his best side.  Well, if I do say so myself, I think I took a great photo, and really a much more memorable photo than his talk. 
Actually I called him and told him I couldn't remember the details of his talk and he said he couldn't either.  He suggested "make it up".   So the previous paragraph is essentially void of any details of David's talk...however it takes up quite a bit of space and certainly qualifies well  under the heading.... "making it up".

James Ross Won the Wine Draw