Today was a well attended meeting. It was good to see Burmo back on deck with his delightful wife, Mayan. As usual it was pretty busy but there was time for some fellowship. John Smith talked about a huge aerial event that he attendeed in the USA. The photos were spectacular; it is a huge event attracting thousands each year. Peter Green talked about the scholarship we used to do each year, one major one of $10,000 over 3 years, and a couple of $1.000 one of runners up. It has gone in abeyance the last few years, and it would be good to see it resurrected. I was on that committee one year and it was a well received by the recipients.
Andrew Crackanthorp talked about the new endeavours our water supplier is unfolding for green energy, hopefully fully in due course.
Phil Macintosh briefly talked about the upcoming G and B festival. Volunterrs are still needed on the out of town routes at strategic points, so please consider volunteering as time is pressing. A lighter note ws ordering 3,000 snakes (Lollies not the fauna!) that wollies decided to give us as a donation. The word is out there on the event and its charitable nature so a big thanks to Woolies.
Could as many hands as possible turn up to fill the gears and beers bags at 9.30 Thursday. It is a huge job so please see if you can make it. Same site as before.
The changeover dinner is at the RSL club on the evening of the 28th of June. If any members or their partners  has food allergies or other dietary issues so I can work around this for those affected. It will be at the RSL as for last year, and as before there will be a subsidy by the club to the cost of the meal for the evening. It should be a great night.
Keep well and see you next week President Richard