Posted by Pykie Pyke on Jan 21, 2020
28 January 2020
Presidents report week no 30
A very quiet Rotary week for the Preso. Had a week in Sydney with family and the two grandchildren. Did enjoy the beach at Manly, building sandcastles, paddling with the two year old etc and, on reflection, it was far busier than a week in Wagga.
The A golf team had a great round last week and are looking good for this week in the Navigate Competition. Not sure about the B team headed for Fossie etc. A beautiful 20 mls of rain helped the golf course and also, more importantly slowed down the dreadful fires.
My reliable source from Oberne Creek tells me that the Tarcutta Creek is running but carrying a huge amount of burnt vegetation with it.
Peter and Gail Crozier together with Tim and Di Hutchings travelled to Batlow, Tumba etc last week and attended the Batlow breakfast. A great effort who now are able to give us an account of the situation and suggestions as to the best way for Wollundry to assist. It might be appropriate for us to establish a small team to discuss with Pete Croz, review and make recommendation to the Board and the Club. I will looking for a volunteer or two to fill these roles.
This great Club has had in the order of 63 to 66 members for the last five years. A couple of departures sees us now with a need to top up the membership. Would all members please give careful consideration to bringing along a friend to enjoy the spirit of Rotary and the wonderful camaraderie of Wollundry.
Food & Wine have regular meetings on Monday afternoon at 5.30pm at the Commercial Club. This week it will be today at 5.30pm
28 January 2020