Another busy meeting today. There was a board meeting last night and as a result various donations were discussed. The ones approved were explained today at the meeting and all 6 donations were approved at todays meeting. It was decided that if we take an exchange student it will be from January; there is no one currently listed , but if we do get one then EVERY member needs a current working with children clearance. The scholarship and book prizes for CSU have been made so thanks to the committee for this. We also looked at donating 8 fresh water pumps to Tonga, after their surface drinking water was fouled by the recent volcanic eruption there. RYDA was successful recently. There is a new member applying to our club, and this is in process.
The meeting today was busy and well attended, with a lot of humour from the floor today! The recent market at the showgrounds made a tidy $2,110 with good numbers on a wet day. Having the book sale on hand probably helped the excellent BBQ money.
Doug Conkey, doing members choice, gave the story behind President Lincon's famous Gettysberg address at the famous battle site. He then read it out; I was struck by how apt it is to a lot going in America today.
Stuart Heriot attempted to give a talk on rotary's history, but was jocularly howled down by the floor. Made for one of the briefest presentations ever! 
We also talked briefly on the loss of some of our younger members, and how hard it is to find people of that age group to join. This is a world problem with no easy solation.
Adrian Whiting told about an upcoming trip tp Lo in western France, with his son, to play a sport called Horse Ball. It involves 2 teams of two riders a side and catching a special a special ball and passing it through a vertical hoop. You can ask him about the finer points at our next meeting.
Have a good week fellows and see you at the next meeting.
President Richard