Today was another very busy meeting. The board met last night. As many programmes are still in limbo there has not been a lot to report. The Food and Wine festival was a great success with a front page article on it in the Daily Advertiser, that curiously did not mention us at all ! As it was financially a success it will enable more programmes in our club needing funding to be resurrected. Many thanks to all involved in the event.
Today's meeting was graced by Michael Georgiou's widow Dawn and her friend Christine Kompos. John Gray did the introductions. Michael was a well liked and respected member in his days with us. Appropriately we were able to view a video interview with him done a while ago, about his life overseas and then in Australia. It was a good insight about the man he was, and appreciated by all.
David Byfield asked for people to put their names to the jobs needed for Gears and Beers. Can people please do this as quickly as possible to help with planning. Phil McIntosh updated  us on where things are at present and also asked for names for jobs. John Gray informed us the packs for the riders are getting ready for packing soon.
Chris Kelly did a short talk on his experiences with Rotary, and Jonty Shuter talked about his father, an incredible man who flew a tiger month for years, with the odd hair raising moments along the way. Then in has eighties he built a boat in heavy steel, and sailed with two friends off to adventures on the east coast. Unfortunately they struck an reef and foundered, but all survived. Sadly the boat was not repairable.  By all accounts a remarkable man.
Neil Pinto advised us the Rotaract club have decided to no longer man the BBQ so it will return to us to run it at the Saturday markets. I am not sure why this came about, but means they lose that income that will revert back to us.
All in all the meeting only went a few minutes over time, but there was not a lot of time for socialising this week. I hope in future the number of  speakers does not impact as much as it did today. With the relaxing of Covid planning it was good to no longer sign in and wear masks. Nice to have some normacie again
James Ross was acting Secretary today as Phil Burgess was away.
Have a great week and see you on the meeting 8th of March.