A busy but productive meeting today. It was good to see Robert Hennessy-Hawke at todays meeting. He is slowly recovering from his stroke and hopefully he will recover further.
Garry Gurloch's guest today was Tim; did not get a surname. David Pyke discussed helping Fusion hire our Marquees for Fusion. It happens to be our monthly market once everything i  picked up they can be taken to Bayli treet for ue (bloody  letter dropped out again) !! Another team will be needed to pack them away at the end of the night and back to north Wagga.   
John Maon wa caught unaware for rotary information and he talked about hi own peronal involvement in rotary.
We need a new projector and the board approved the purchae at our meeting. We need to order badge for our partner for the changeover. The magnet one are likely to be the choice and let tuart Herriot know for thoe member that need them
Alo congratulation to the Navigate 9 golfer who won their diviion
Phil McIntoh gave a comprehenive report on preparation for the G and B event. There are till a lot of poition needing filling o plea ee what you can do to help. Mate Gully will be open for refrehment for the duration of the event.
It i meticulouly planned a uual
The net board meeting will be on the 18th of April
 Have a good week all and ee you at G and B