Scott Sanbrook representing the Committee For Wagga (C4W) was our guest speaker today. He is pictured with Sophie Uden technical assistant and President Phil Burgess.
Prior to his talk Sophie ran a web based video on the work of the Committee. It ran for about twenty minutes and was an excellent production that gave a comprehensive and detailed picture of the work of C4W. It can be accessed at
Scott and Sophie were introduced by PP Geoff Breust, former CEO of REX airlines and long time member of C4W.
Via the video and Scott's talk we learned of the vision and values of the Committee for Wagga.
To make Wagga Wagga - Australia’s most liveable regional city.
To champion positive change through leadership, action and collaboration for a thriving Wagga Wagga by:
  • supporting and promoting the city to ensure accelerated population growth;
  • identifying and implementing opportunities that will enhance our cultural, social, business and economic prosperity; and
  • providing a platform for community, business and government collaboration to effect positive change.
To achieve the above through commitment, accountability, being courageous and having integrity.
The C4W has been in existence for ten years and has achieved some outstanding results:
  • The increase in the River Levy Bank to cope with a 1 in 100 year flood. The committee was able to help persuade three tiers of government to stump up the $23 million required.
  • Leadership Program for new leaders.
  • Mentoring Program for emerging leaders.
  • CCTV in CBD at a cost of 1.2 million.
  • Lights around the Lake.
  • New Years Fireworks.
  • Special Activation Precinct at Bomen.
  • Planning for 100,000 population. Leaders meeting with Bernard Salt AO demographer.
The first CEO was Chris Fitzpatrick. Many others including Judy Galloway, Kay Hull, Geoff Crouch and Brett Somerville spoke on the video of the early days of the organisation and how it evolved.
Essentially C4W drives innovation and puts pressure on Wagga Wagga City Council to deal with issues that C4W identifies as vital for the enhancement of the city.
Scott said he is proud of the documentary which was produced by Adam Drummond current chair of C4W. Scott was standing in for Adam who was unable to attend our meeting today.
C4W has a long list of items that it wants to see delivered to make Wagga the most liveable regional city in Australia. They include:
  • Housing and Transport including the Wagga bypass, duplication of the Gobba Bridge
  • Upgrade of Wagga Airport.
  • Upskilling of locals and new migrants.
  • Social Housing
  • Inland Rail Corridor through Wagga
For a complete list go to C4W website:
President Phil thanked Scott and Sophie for their comprehensive presentation of the work and achievements of C4W. They were each presented with a bottle of olive oil and Sophie won the door prize of a bottle of red. Members showed their appreciation with a round of applause.