Hi All,
A wonderful presentation yesterday by our Guest Speaker, Jessica Horner. It was very inspirational and demonstrated what insight can be gained and what can be achieved with dedicated application and a positive attitude.
Congratulations to Andrew Crackanthorp and Pat Ingram on their presentations of Members Choice and Rotary Information.
Well done to John Gray, Peter Cozier and President Richard for their support and commitment to Burmo and Ma Yan. It was good to see a card go around yesterday collecting messages of support. Good work Rick.
WANTED:  Two volunteers to join the team responsible for putting out the Saturday Markets signs each month. There are currently four on the team, John Flynn/Pat Ingram/John Gray/David Pyke. One person is rostered on each month, the job takes about an hour. An additional two volunteers would reduce the workload on the existing team.
Diary Dates:
6th AugustClimate and Peace Webinar. Registration Reqd. See District Website
14th August.Saturday Market 
16th August.Wollundry Rotary Board Meeting
18th August.Amie St Claire annual Ball. $110 ticket. 
19th August.Help Cambodia Movie. $25 ticket
23rd NovemberWollundry Rotary AGM - to be confirmed
Secretary Phil.