WOLLUNDRY ROTARY CLUB - Secretary’s Report for Tuesday 03rdMay 2022
Next regular Meeting on Tuesday 10th May 2022
Fellowship (                                   John Flynn
Reception (Asst. Treas.):                John Ferguson
Furnit                                              David Foster
Bulle                                                Doug Sutton
Member’s Choice                            Peter Clucas
Rotary Information:                         Robert Hennessy-Hawks
Technology Setup:                           Peter Wilesmith
Guest Speaker:                                 Belinda Crain
Next Sat Market 14th May 2022
OIC – Tim Hutchings (for Col Duff)
Team: David Post (for Burmo), John Flynn (for Shane Carroll), P. Clucas, Doug Conkey (for Gerry Gerlach), Bill Parker (for D. Golland), J. Ireland, Mark Hillis (for J. Mason), A. Puckeridge, Doug Sutton, J. Shuter, David Benn (for John Smith), A. Whiting, D. Wishart.
Signs – James Hamilton
Members Birthdays:                          May 09 James Ross                                              
Wedding Anniversary:                     May 07 - Margot and Paul Milde
Diary dates:
Sat Market                                           14th May 2022
Next Board Meeting                            Mon 16th May 2022 – Joint 21-22 and 22-23 Board Members
RYDA                                                  10th - 13th May Wagga Showgrounds
District Training – Goulburn               14th May 2022  
District Training – Parkes                    21st May 2022
Wagga RC Book Fair                           14th /15th May 2022 – Volunteers to Ellen Brasier.
International Rotary Convention          4th - 8th June 2022 – Houston Texas. Register Now.
Rotaract Changeover                            18th June 2022
Wollundry Changeover                        28th June 2022
Next District Conference                      21-23 Oct 2022, Joyes Hall CSU – Detail on the District Website