Posted by Phil Burgess on Aug 05, 2020
Hi All,
Another successful meeting at The Riverine Club. It is proving to be an adequate venue in lieu of  The Commercial Club.
The after meeting coffee and fellowship sessions are proving popular.
It was a great presentation by Sofi. Happy birthday for Aug 9th Sofi.
Fellows just a few words on Make ups.
It is the responsibility of each individual member to ensure that their make up credits are registered. Say for example if you are on the Sat Markets roster, and you attend as required, you are not automatically given a make up credit. You must claim this credit.
Also members cannot register their own credits in ClubRunner.
Make up credits are now available for use throughout the year, not just a fortnight either side of an absence.
Credits cannot be claimed in advance.
Please claim make up credits as follows.
By recording the detail at the reception desk with Treasurer Ken on meeting days, if you are physically attending the meeting.
or by an email to John Mason if you do not attend the reception desk.
This information is ultimately forwarded to the attendance officer James Hamilton for recording in ClubRunner. 
Please advise John Mason each Monday if you will be physically attending the meeting next day, also advise of guests if any,
and advise if you will be eating if physically attending.
Cheers,  Phil B.