Posted by Phil Burgess
Hi All,
Another great meeting at The Riverine Club. The Zoom was better, Pykie and Paul are looking for improvements each week, well done.
The idea of ClubRunner training after meetings is a good one. 
ClubRunner is a good program, not all that difficult to use, like everything you will not fully understand it, or be able to use it, unless you do it.
If we all become proficient at it, we will be on the same page, and have a great tool for communicating and archiving.
It is a particularly good tool for Committee management, with easy to use capability for communication and document storage, within the confines
of each individual committee.
I am not an expert on it, but am prepared to work with any member , we will learn together. The more you delve , the more you learn. 
I have found that the quickest way to access it, is via the CR app on your smartphone, and a desk top icon on your PC, leaving yourself permanently logged in.
Cheers Phil B.