Posted by John Egan on Feb 12, 2019

Our Guest Speaker was David Post , this time on the subject of the drought.

The Drought Committee is a joint 9700-9710 initiative, and our club has 5 members of the 15 from the two Districts. Not a bad effort.

The Committee has a total of $300,000 to distribute, coming mainly from the Channel7 Sunrise Appeal.

They are being very cautious in spending this money to try to get it to the most needy. At the moment they have given away $50000, and are looking to the Clubs to apply for grants of up to $5000. Many of the Clubs in the district have been able to successfully obtain these monies.

The fact is that the Drought is creeping wider, and the demand for help will become more intense, so caution and patience is playing a huge part. The committee is also relying on the Rural Financial Counsellors for advice as to where the money is best sited. An example is that the Forbes Club has asked for an administration person to help the Counsellors.

More recently the Federal Government has made available $1,000,000, which is a "no strings attached" grant of $3000 on a simple application form. You are urged to make this grant known to your affected family and friends. The link is on our website.

One point of contact is the School Principals who would be very conscious of the needs of students and their families.

We do have another tragedy unfolding from the opposite reason as the floods in Queensland recede, but this money that the Committee is handling is for drought. Love this sunburnt country!

David was thanked by fellow drought committeeman Stuart Herriot.


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A small correction to last weeks comments. The purse that is featured was made by Irene, and given to Sandra...not the other way around.