Guest Speakers
Helen Sturman and Barry Shields came to tell us about "Cycling without age"
Cycling without age is an organisation that commenced in Copenhagen ten years ago. Its aim is to give the elderly and disabled the opportunity to experience the pleasure of travelling in a tricycle. Each chapter is semi autonomous with the central body providing insurance and compliance with safety and health regulations.
Tumbarumba Rotary Club has purchased three tricycles which are made in Denmark and cost $18,000 each. The tricycles have a pilot and two side by side seats in front. They are driven by a electric motor and speed limited to 10 kph. Safety is of prime concern for the mostly frail passengers.
CWA (Cycling without age) has now spread to 52 countries with over 3,700 trishaws and 35,000 pilots (Riders). It arrived in Australia in 2016 and has a number of chapters in Australia.


    • First trishaws in Australia in 2016
    • Cycling Without Age Australia incorporated as a registered charity in 2019
    • Operational Chapters = 32
      • independently governed = 20
      • governed by Cycling Without Age Australia = 12 
    • Number of Cycling Without AgeAffiliates = 40
    • Number of volunteers = approx. 500
    • Oldest volunteer = 79
    • Number of Cycling Without Age trishaws operating in Australia
      • independently owned = approx. 50
      • owned by Cycling Without Age Australia = 25
All pilots are volunteers and passengers are taken on set routes for no charge. CWA is a not for profit and seeks donations only to sustain itself.
The looks on the passengers' faces says it all!