Next Meeting. No. 15

9th Oct. 2018

Fellowship :  John Ireland
(greeting visitors)
Reception Michael Knight
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture :  Nick Leywood
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information: Rick Priest (tbc)

Speaker: Mental Health Hat Day 

Bulletin Editor






Oct 9,16,23           J Egan

Oct 30, Nov 6,13    P McKinnon

Nov 20,27, Dec 4   P Murray

Dec 11,18, Jan 8,  M Knight

Jan 15, 22,29        D Sutton


9th October  -    David Benn
16th October  -  John Flynn
 Market Rosters
Next Saturday Market is Saturday 13th October 2018.  Roster :
OIC Col Duff,
Laurie Blowes (for Phil Burgess),
John Ferguson (for Bob Willis),
John Gray (for Wal Paton),
Nick Leywood (for Mal Robertson),
James McNaughton (for Tim Hutchings),
Paul Murray,
Rob Pearson,  
David Pyke (for David Post),
James Ross,
Jonty Shuter,
Steve McCoy (requires a swap),
Darren Wallace (requires a swap)
Trailers  -  Jonty Shuter, 3 others needed
Swapping Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that has been to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time, and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap
Saturday 10th November 2018 :
OIC  -  Neil Pinto
Team  -  Laurie Blowes, Geoff Breust, Greg Conkey, Frank Fuller, Peter Green, Nick Leywood, James McNaughton, Kerry Pascoe, David Pyke, Doug Sutton, David Wishart
Sat 8th December 2018:
OIC Michael Knight
Team - Tim Barter, David Benn, Phil Burgess, David Byfield, Ken Cook, John Ferguson, Ward Gaiter, Stuart Heriot, Phil McIntosh, Graham Obst, Andrew Puckeridge, Rick Priest, Ken Taylor
Sat 9th Feb 2019
OIC Craig Bromley
Team - Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Egan, John Flynn, John Hawkins, Tim Hutchings, John Ireland, Peter MacKinnon, John Mason, Paul Milde.

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Member Birthdays
John Ferguson
October 15
Ken Cook
November 9
James Hamilton
November 20
Paul Murray
November 22
Neil Pinto
November 23
Spouse Birthdays
Cathy Pyke
October 1
October 4
Cathy Willis
October 6
Karen Walsh
October 11
Ros Breust
October 26
Judi Dunning
October 27
Jenni Riethmuller
November 15
Helen Paton
November 22
Cassandra Nicholson
November 23
Robyn Rossiter
November 24
Renae Elrington
November 30
John Flynn
October 1
Peter Clucas
October 7
Robert Nicholson
Cassandra Nicholson
October 10
Malcolm Robertson
November 5
David Pyke
Cathy Pyke
November 11
Richard Rossiter
Robyn Rossiter
November 14
Wal Paton
Helen Paton
November 14
Ken Taylor
Jacqui Stumpel
November 15
Kerry Pascoe
November 15
Craig Bromley
November 25
Daniel Burns
Danielle Goss
November 28
Robert Pearson
November 28
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Puck Puckeridge
October 24, 2017
1 year
David Wishart
October 27, 2015
3 years
Mark Hillis
October 28, 1994
24 years
Gerry Gerlach
October 30, 2007
11 years
John Ferguson
October 30, 2007
11 years
Kerry Pascoe
October 30, 2007
11 years
James Hamilton
November 1, 1990
28 years
John Flynn
November 1, 1993
25 years
Pat Ingram
November 1, 1985
33 years
Jeremy Riethmuller
November 5, 2013
5 years
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November 9, 2010
8 years
Daniel Burns
November 19, 2015
3 years
John Ireland
November 20, 1984
34 years
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Doug Sutton
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Leading Indian hotelier named Rotary International president Fourth Indian to head global membership organizationNEW DELHI, (1 Oct. 2018) — Sushil Kumar Gupta, chair



Indian real estate investor donates $14.7 million to The Rotary


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Two Rotarian pediatricians – one in Ethiopia and the other in California – connected to save babies’ lives with the help of a vocational training

Presidents Report
President’s Report 2nd October 2018

A great weekend experienced by all at the club’s Gears & Beers festival. A big thank you is expressed to all club members, partners, family members, & other community groups who assisted in making the 2018 Gears & Beers Festival a huge success. Especially, I wish to thank the Gears & Beers Committee for all their efforts & energies put into organising and managing such a large community event. The event has certainly put the City of Wagga Wagga on the map attracting people from various cities and towns near and far. The economic, social and health benefits for local and wider communities are enormous.

Again, a big thank you is expressed to all. I am proud to be a member of Rotary club of Wollundry.

A number of club members said they were approached by members of the public thanking them for their efforts.

This is a testament to a highly successful event. Service above self.

  • October 9th is hat day raising funds for mental health.
  • October is Rotary Economic & Community Development Month.
  • Board has approved Leave of Absence application from Jeremy Riethmuller from mid September to the close of January.
  • Board has approved Leave of Absence application from John Hawkins from mid September to mid March.
  • Members who pay their subs quarterly the 2nd quarter subs are now due.
  • Wal Paton was released from hospital yesterday but requires more tests to be conducted. We wish Wal a speedy recovery and hope to see him in the near future.
  • Tim Hutchings was admitted to a Melbourne hospital early this week in preparation to have a valve in his heart replaced. We wish Tim a successful operation and a speedy recovery and hope to see him in a month’s time.


Have a peaceful and enjoyable day serving the community


Secretary's Report
Dates for the Diary :
Sunday 7th October  Daylight Savings starts 2>3am
Sunday 7th October  -  Exchange Student activities roster -  Doug Conkey
Sunday 7th October  -  Miss Wagga Quest Bingo, Commercial Club $20 incl. book
Tuesday 9th October  -  Austn Rotary Health Hat Day
Wednesday 10th October  -  Committee Chair Reports to Directors
Sat. 13th  to Sun. 14th October  -  Cancer Council Relay for Life
Monday 15th October  -  next Board meeting,  Commercial Club, 5:30pm
Monday 15th October  -  next Rotaract meeting, at a venue in town (tba), 6:00 for 6:30pm
Tuesday 16th October  -  Wollundry Poets' Day  +  Club Assembly
Thursday 1st November  -  Creating Hope in Cambodia, "Bohemian Rhapsody" Film Night
Saturday 3rd November  -  "Darkness to Light" Dinner, Commercial Club, $100
Responsibilities :  please,  
-  find a replacement if you cannot fulfil a rostered duty,
register an Apology by 4pm on Monday if you are going to be absent from the next meeting, and
register a Make-up for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Our Guest Speaker Dr. Tony McMullen with President James Hamilton
Dr. Tony was introduced by his brother Tim, a member of our club. Tim told us that his brother is married to Veronica and has two children and has a resume that reads:
•Born and Educated in Wagga, Married with 2 children
•Medical Education at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 1984
•Member of the RACGP & Australasian College of Tropical Medicine
•Master of Public Health & Tropical Medicine James Cook University 2001
–Royal Flying Doctor Service & Aboriginal Medical Services in WA, NT & Qld
–Ireland, France, Botswana, Vietnam
–Indonesia since 1997, mainly as health advisor with large resource construction projects
•Newmont (Copper/Gold, USD2Billion), BP (LNG, USD5Billion)
–Medical Director BP South-East Asia
–Founded Persada Children’s Health in 2005
–Returned to live and work as GP in Sydney 2009
Tony came to talk about his work in West Papua where he founded Persada Children's Health also known as ASP which is an acronym for the Papuan translation of Persada Children's Health.
West Papua has been a passion for Tony since 1997 when he came across a boy named Ronaldo who had a congenital heart defect. Tony was working for a large company at the time and was able to raise funds to send Ronaldo to Singapore for life saving and life changing surgery.
Ronaldo on his grandfather's knee, a sick little boy and right Ronaldo as a healthy young teenager
After Ronaldo's surgery, there was an amount of money left over, so Tony decided to start a foundation and since then numerous children have been sent to other countries for life saving surgery. 
The foundation is situated in Sorong, the largest city in West Papua with a population of 220,000. It targets Malaria reduction and the treatment of Rotavirus, a diarrhea causing virus responsible for the deaths of many young children and infants. ASP deals with Malaria by treating the patients as vectors of the disease and effecting a cure in the individual patients. The reduction in Malaria cases has been dramatic.
Malaria prevalence surveys in BP Tangguh villages Teluk Bintuni, Papua, from 2003-2008
These are the health statistics that Dr Tony gave us regarding health in West Papua.
–Deaths of children in the first year of life almost 2 times the Indonesian average
–The Under-5  death rate is more than twice the national average
–4 out of 10 children of children are stunted
–One quarter are under-weight
Health Equity:
–Just over 1/3 children receive their complete basic immunization
–Only 4/10 health centres are able to provide sufficient numbers of doctors
–Only 1/8 health centres are able to provide sufficient numbers of midwives
–Only 4/10 of health centres are able to provide sufficient numbers of nurses
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene:
–4/10 people don’t have access to safe drinking water
–More than ½ don’t have access to improved sanitation
Infectious Disease:
–1/10 people still suffer from Malaria
–Just over half of the population are immunized against Polio (*****)
–3/10 people do not receive immunization against TB
Tony feels that the best approach to tackling these issues is through a business model rather than a charity model.
The aim is obviously to reduce poverty, access to clean water and sanitation and provide the very basics for a decent safe life.
What can we as Rotarians do to help?
"A strategic, well-managed collaboration between Rotary Against Malaria, ASP, local government & the private sector could make a very significant impact on Malaria transmission in West Papua"
1.Collaboration of Rotary Against Malaria, ASP, local government, private sector
2.Improve surveillance systems
–Identify ‘hot spots’ of Malaria in Papua Barat
–Prevalence surveys, develop strategic plan, pilot program
–Training of health staff on detection and reporting of new cases
3.Train EDAT Malaria Workers
–To ensure early detection and treatment as the most effective method of reducing malaria
–Train Microscopists
4.Employ a ‘gold standard’ Microscopist for cross-checking
5.Mid-term goal: Demonstrate success of pilot program, build local government capacity, influence government policy & eventual ‘ownership’ of the program.
What would this cost?
1.Improve surveillance systems
•Cost of expert to train local health workers and Microscopists   (AUD4,000)
2.Employ a local ‘gold standard’ Microscopist for a year  (AUD10,000 pa)
3.Adopt a village
•Increase coverage with LLINs (?)
•Funding: Approximately AUD15,000 for first year
Could this be an opportunity for another Global Grant? 
Perhaps we could help to put more smiles on the faces of our near neighbours.
Gears and Beers
Phil McIntosh, the driving force behind the Gears and Beers Festival, gave a report on last weekend's outstandingly successful festival.
He said none of this could have been accomplished without the input of all the club members. He praised other service clubs for their contribution in particular the Rotary Club of Coolamon who did a brilliant job of making riders welcome through that section of the ride. Seeing so many guys in their white Rotary shirts "made me proud to be a Rotarian".
Phil said the Committee has worked extraordinarily well and while he was reluctant to single out personnel he said a special thanks was warranted to Peter McKinnon who stepped into the breach when Tim McGillicuddy moved. Peter did a fantastic job taking over the co-ordination and general organizing of the event.  Also special thanks to Paul Milde, Frank Fuller, David Foster, Michael Knight, David Byfield, David Hodge and former member Jim Gibson for setting out a budget.
Phil said the Saturday afternoon had been an enormous success as well. Steve McCoy's big screen with the AFL Grandfinal was a great drawcard. Thanks Steve. Registrations on Sunday morning went very smoothly due to the work put in by Paul and Carolyn Murray setting up the computers for the process. Well done Murrays, and finally a thank you to Col Duff who made sure all the electronic requirements were reliable and functional.
Phil thanked Liam O'Neil for the outstanding job he has done in using social media to promote the event. This has had a dramatic impact on the increase in riders and the Festival being promoted on the Events NSW website. Phil also thanked the sponsors of the event who have been essential to the success.
He confirmed that RAFFA will again be sponsors for 2019.
Phil called on David Hodge to give us the number crunch:
  • Gross takings $265,000
  • Registations $147,000
  • Guests and Sponsorship $70,000
  • Stalls $11,000
  • Gate $17,500
After tax and costs we should have a net profit of around $150,000 - $160,000
The above are interim figures and the exact figures will be available after a detailed accounting.
What a fantastic result!!!
Our Meeting
President James called us to order on time and led Rotary Grace. He then welcomed our visitors Basil and Dr. Tony McMullen (guest speaker) as well as our exchange Student Irene.
Father and sons, Basil, Dr. Tony McMullen and Tim McMullen our Rotary Club member.
President James went on to congratulate the Club on an outstanding Gears and Beers Festival. James said how proud he was of the club members and he thanked the Gears and Beers Committee in particular for the work leading up to the success. He said apart from the money raised directly by our club the economic flow-on  benefits to the community through meals, accommodation etc. were great. This is a good example of service above self.
Our Sergeant this week was Laurie Blowes recently returned from an extended trip around Australia. He asked all members to put in as he recounted anecdotes about club members including Neil Pinto, James Hamilton, Michael Knight, Bob Willis, Frank Fuller, Mark Hillis, Col Duff and all Mercedes owners. Poor old Laurie, who getting to the age spectrum where incontinence can be a problem, thought he had succumbed when he was driving one of the Mercedes loan cars. He stopped the car and jumped out to check himself out only to discover that the new car had a seat warmer.
Irene Chung our International exchange student was asked to give us an update on her activities. She is already making good progress with her English. Members are reminded to include Irene in your activities as much as possible. This Saturday she is lunching with Burmo and other guests.
Paul Milde reminded us of the following dates:
  • Hat Day next Tuesday
  • Poets Day 16th October
Wal Paton is out of hospital and Tim Hutchings is in Melbourne for heart valve surgery. We all wish him a speedy recovery.
Jeremy Reithmuller and Joh Hawkins have been granted extended leave of absence.
Paul Murray thanked all those who loaned computers for the Gears and Beers Festival. Contact Paul to collect them
Richard Baguley, Tim Barter, Greg Conkey, Ken Cook, Peter Crozier,  Gerry Gerlach, Nick Leywood, John Mason, Steve McCoy, Wal Paton, Rob Pearson, Jonty Shuter, Ken Taylor, Adrian Whiting and David Wishart.
All Club Members for the Gears and Beers Festival with the exceptions of Tim Barter, Daniel Burns, Peter Crozier, Michael Georgiou, Gerry Gerlach, John Hawkins, Stuart Heriot, Tim Hutchings, Wal Paton, Doug Sutton
Other makeups were Craig Bromley (3), Peter Green (2), Peter McKinnon (4), Frank Fuller (3), Bob Willis (2).
Winner this week was Rick Priest