When John Ashton was president the then District Governor canvassed with the 9700 Clubs the idea of having a Rotary Scholarship for Science.  The Wollundry Board was so taken by the idea it thought it would investigate the awarding of such a Scholarship itself.  Vocational Director Frank Fuller was asked to investigate and he assisted Graham Burmeister in preparing a paper.


The Board determined and the Club accepted to have a Science Scholarship at Charles Sturt University be granted to a deserving applicant who comes from the Wagga Wagga District and who intends to remain in the country upon graduation.  The issue of deserving was left to the discretion of the selection panel and in the fullness of time it has come to mean someone who needs the financial assistance and who can maintain the high standard of excellence expected of the awardees.   


Time has been very kind in that the Awardees have achieved outstanding results in both their study and in their post graduate work  We like to think the prestige of the Scholarship is very high and reads well on any graduates CV


The Vice Chancellor appoints a senior staff member to call for applications then culls the applicants down to 12 to 15.  The Chairman and one Committee person from Wollundry then whittle that down to 6 to be interviewed, usually it is done separately using a uniform marking system that is set out with the application information.  The staff member then arranges the interviews with the applicants and the two Rotarians undertake the interviews with the staff member.


One Scholarship is awarded  in the amount of $6,000 payable over 3 years conditional on absence of any failure.  Two book awards are given for $500 each.