Hi all,
May our thoughts be with Peter and Angie Mackinnon at this time, as Peter’s father is in hospital unwell.
Congratulations to Zara Hamilton for the effort she is making to take full advantage of her CSU scholarship. She is a young lady on a mission, thankful for the opportunities she has been given, with an eye to a successful and satisfying future. Also, well done to Peter Green for his dedication and support to the CSU scholarship program.
Whilst on the subject of Youth, it was gratifying to observe the positive support engendered by the Club and members at the meeting yesterday. These young ones are the potential leaders of our future whether it be within Rotary or the community generally, or both.
Thank you to David Pyke, Doug Conkey, Gerry Gerlach, and Ric Priest for volunteering to assist at Lilier Lodge on 16th November, with preparation and provision of an evening meal for the live in guests.
I will be representing the Club at a Lilier’s Thank You event on Thursday 3rd November. They will be saying thank you and showing off improvements they have made as result of grants and community support received.
Numbers are required for attendees and eaters at the Pro Patria visit on Tuesday 15th November. Pro Patria is situated in at the old Carmelite Monastery site, at 19 Morshead St Ashmont. We will be using our own BBQ to cook lunch, thank you to Wal Paton and Mal Robertson and Col Duff for picking up the BBQ. Please advise ASAP of your intentions to attend and/or eat, along with possible guests.
There is concern building within the community again, around a new variant of COVID-19 infiltrating our midst. Please be vigilant and if you show any signs of flu like symptoms, DO NOT attend weekly meetings until all clear.
Annita and I will be attending the 60th anniversary of the Tumbarumba Rotary Club this weekend. My first ever Rotary meeting was at Tumbarumba, on a vocational visit in 1963, as a student from Tumbarumba Central School. Report next week.
All the best to our intrepid Veteran Cricketers as they head South to Launceston, to participate in the over 70’s national championships. May they return victorious and injury free.
President Phil